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Hi /3/,
I need to make a very very simple animation using a basic human model without any clothes, hair, etc. However, I am an absolute noob and can only do basic animation in cinema 4D, but I can't find a 3D rigged female base model anywhere for c4D.
I only need a basic one to color it black with some white lines and do a kind of silhouette animation, real short.
If you can help me I am begging you to do so anons...

This is kind of what I want to do, only with simpler motion and no clothes or hair. Oh, and instead of a completely black figure I'd like to paint a white line on the head... It's a project I`m asked to do..
There is an absurdly massive amount of information and data available on the internet, and you're telling me that in the hundreds of thousands of petabytes of information out there you can't find a single .fbx file of a rigged female figure?

Come on, anon. Apply yourself.
Trust me anon I have! I just can't find a rigged base c4d model. I can't... I might be that dumb but trust me I am not lazy... By the way, what is .fbx? Don't I need .c4d for cinema 4D?

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