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File: assault cannon .jpg (373 KB, 1735x2514)
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How much I should charge for commission for this work?
(It includes order parts as sprue for 3D print)
~10 USD
File: 1469896375369.gif (1.35 MB, 280x120)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB GIF
>uneven mesh density
>bad concept

Shouldn't have took you more than half an hour, right OP?
Show your wireframes. Show your UVs.

Where I work we purchase 3D models when it's cheaper just to buy something than to have one of us build it. It's often a crap shoot. Sometimes models on turbosquid looks okay from the (tiny ass) pictures but once you load them up they're garbage.

Just judging from what I see, $20 tops.
>No bevels
>No textures
>Don't know if the UVs are worth a shit
>Iffy smoothing groups
>Can't see the topology so I don't know if I can cleanly subdivide things that I don't have enough polys for, like the wheels
exactly, maybe 45 min to 1 hour because I also used the basic chassis to create different weapons (cannon, bigger cannon, mortar, lazershit gun, heavy machine gun ect) I did not want to charge too much but neither do it for free.
I've been modeling for less than a year, so I'm still very newfag.but consider than for 3D printing was not necessary things like UV mapping, or textures. should I do it anyway Anon?
20$, this is me >>533791
File: PUTIN.jpg (68 KB, 509x712)
68 KB
Well $10 more is a thing
>That poly count for a model that looks that shit.

Just off yourself.

Why does turbosquid always hide the wireframe?
>How much I should charge for commission for this work?

Rivets are not rounded off cylinders. They'd look like small hemispheres or counter-sunk flat heads.

I'm going to save your pic as an example of how not to sculpt a digital model.
Those wheels have too much polys desu senpai.
Can't beat me. This is the highest poly model I've ever made, pretty impressive, right?
Development time price is never selling price, period.
I have worked on some unity / unreal assets that took me 40h just to model them, other guy animates them for next 7h, and next 8h was setting them up in engines, there were 3 to 5 assets in package, so total development price was around 55h * 30usd * 3 = 4950 usd.
And this pack is selling for 30usd. Is compatybile with kubold arms, fparms and alloy physical shader for unity (because standard shader is shit).

Sadly, for content that you made, i dont think anyone would but it, unless its 100% physically and mechanically accurate, so it drops into niche stuff - right now there is no textures, no animations, and i dont even know what market you're aiming for. Turbosquid eats 50% of money you earn at start, after that, taxes n shit.

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