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Hello, anon here.

I am interested in game making, coding and building a digital world.
But since I really start at the bottom and only have a iPad I would like to know if there are any good 3D environment creating apps.

Pic unrelated, just a birdy
You'll learn more by picking up pen and paper and start drawing til you can get your hands on a proper computer than trying to get into 3D on an iPad.

If you are serious about this you should think long term and make the most of your situation by building skills where you can.
I do have some art skills.
I wouldn't say it's the best, but it is not bad.

Not for the ipad no. Get a cheap laptop and get rpg maker or something.
Keep developing those anon. They'll serve you much more the day you can pick up a serious 3D application than trying to make stuff in the kind of limited editors that may be available for the iPad.
what im doing and u should do since we kinda have same interests do some unreal engine its free and there are sooooo many resources to learn
pick up the basics of the engine then start 3d modeling nd texturing and animation then u can make a character and assets and export them from w.e program ur using and import to unreal.
if u decide to go with unreal C++ is the way to go
and get a computer, also unreal also needs good specs so keep that in mind and just look at unreal website for minimum specs.
this is what im doing and i think its a good way if u wanna make some nice looking 3d games
also its possible to not need programming for unreal with visual scripting but eventually everyone converts their blueprints to code cause of performance issues, its better with code. so yeh

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