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File: Charmander_model_3d.jpg (1.37 MB, 1812x2000)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
Anyone want a charmander?

70 bucks for that piece of shit?
it doesn't even have a flame

way to follow a trend you hack
Not worth $70 dude. Face shapes are terrible and he is isn't the right shape pretty much all over. And no flame? Gummon.
did you make these as well OP
I think this works better as some meme
>Blurry textures
>Weird materials
>No flame

I know you're trying to make a living, but it's just bad.
>babbys first model
>10 * subdivide
>can't into materials
>uncanny valley even though it's not even human
That shit even ain't worth 5$
OP, even if you think all these answers are offensive, its actually true. Model isnt great, and saturation of th emarket (and cheap ass students who model for like 5$ per h) successfully kills any need for not AAA quality models that arent 1$. Since your model is rigged, if you sell it in this state, it MIGHT be worth 5usd. But now think about target audience - to actually pay for something, people would like to make money on something. Charizard is copyrighted charavcetr, so probably you can't legally earn money on it (unless you name it orangefirelizard), and noone who will buy it will ever relase product that isn't immidiately banned by Nintendo. If you want to earn money selling shit on market, either do a very high quality humans / cars, or make shitload of small, generic assets taht are full textured.
File: 1277086875338.jpg (6 KB, 195x251)
6 KB

now you have that upload to remind yourself of what a childish hack you are, forever!!
>Any questions can send it to me at private massage.

You have to go back, Luis
>Facial rig


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