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How exactly good is Pixars Renderman for rendering 3d models?

Is it just a piece of crap?
Pretty good if you have a server farm.

Do you have a server farm, anon?

If not stick to non-distributed renders.
Renderman is one of the oldest names in rendering. It is def one of the better ones out there now for large scale productions. It's really good if you know how to code. If you just doing a project by yourself, its not going to be vastly diff from other software.
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>comes to /3/
>can't recall how amazing the pixar movies all look

..........OP truly is a fag
The best part of using Renderman is that the render time is so much faster than any other solution, it really is an ideal solution for animation. If you are not into animation you can still also use it anyway since it's a solid solution for rendering
I don't know why you would assume, despite the fact that it's used in so many film pipelines, that it's a piece of crap

Honestly, if you are a newbie, the differences between renderers won't matter very much like someone else said. The main reason I use renderman is because I like shading/lookdev in it.

Anyway, as someone who primarily uses renderman, I can say it's very easy to set up and get a high quality render, it's not as complicated as the REYES days. however, as a brute force gi CPU renderer (like arnold), the tradeoff in ease of use / simplified controls comes with longer render times generally. it can be a bit hard to optimize. If you want more exposed flexibility plus more online resources, I would suggest Vray instead.

If speed is very important to you, check out Redshift, it's been pretty hype although I haven't used it myself.

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