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When using solidworks the only way I know how to stop drawing a line strand to start in another place is to either click on the icon, or press esc. Then I have to click on it again to reselect the line tool.

Is there a keyboard command that I can input that will stop the continuing line but still have the tool selected.

Finding this out will save me a lot of tedious time
Don't you just double click to get rid of the current line? What version do you have?
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Press L to stop and press L to start a new line. I also use A to draw an arc while I am drawing with lines and then L to get back to lines.

Can anybody help me with static simulation?
I am trying to simulate a displacement of 320x320mm plate, 4mm thick. I am comparing steel vs aluminium. By my logic steel should have about 3 times lower displacement than aluminium, because it has 3 times higher modulus of elasticity. But the results I get from simulation differs only for 1.5 times.
What am I doing wrong?

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