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This is going to be my fundraiser for my 3d build.
I'vebeen working off of a laptop for a year now and i want to have a good pc for my home.
>mine bitcoins on a desktop
you fucking pleb
Bumping so everyone can laugh at this poorfag.

What exactly do I get in return as a backer?
File: 1463092850620.jpg (231 KB, 700x525)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
thx for giving me this channel. Always tried to fid it but never searched for it
I have 16gb of RAM, intel i7 4790k quad core, 2 250gb ssd cards, a terabyte hard drive, a coolmaster for the cpu, 64 bit operating system, and a MSI GTX 960 GAMING video card. So is mine good for 3d moddeling and animation?
I'm considering donating the whole $5000 in one shot. What will you do for me in return, OP?
Fucking consumer /g/ faggot!
Just get an old dual CPU dell precision 490 and slap a beefy older ATI card in it.
Will do anything a machine that isn't connected to a large server farm will do for under £250
Y-you have a 64 b-bit operating system??? H-how do I get as good as y-you??
Not OP, but would doing something in exchange help fund a new computer for protein simulations? not gaming shit.
Who knows, maybe release some ebooks about theoretical stuff I know or how to do simulations.

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