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File: image.png (43 KB, 720x644)
43 KB
>be me
>in 6th grade
>about 140 pounds (fat)
>only like 2 friends and they're both my best friends
>I'm white but I love hip hop
>tupac, biggie, eazy e, ice cube, all that dank shit
>I loved skating and playing GTA: SA
>decide too ride skateboard too the park
>there is a circle pavement trail at the park
>I liked skating there
>there is also a couple benches there
>I start skating
>sit down and take a break
>then I see a girl walking down the hill holding a skateboard
>wearing a eazy e shirt
>she sits down next too me
>she offers me some orange flavored tic-tacos
>I fucking love orange tic tacs
>I say ok
>I take some then me and her skate on the pavement trail
>I give her my myspace and she gives me hers (RIP MySpace)
>she goes home
>I do too
>FFW too the next day
>I PM her where my house is
>she comes immidieately
>we play COD: WAW together
>FFW 7 years and she's still my best friend
Shit sorry I meant too post this on /s4s/
Same people will read this xDDDDDdDddddDDDDD
Post wires op

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