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So, I'm kinda new to this whole 3d thing.

Why are 3d models so horrifyingly expensive? they cost more than the software they used to make it in.

For instance, these two models cost 1600 USD

I realize advertising companies make use of these models, but Honestly I think it would probably be cheaper to hire your own artist.

Is there any justification for this? or maybe I'm the crazy one...?
good job cherry picking the two fucking models of humans that have modeled almost every internal system of the human body.

Maybe if you want a cheap model you should get one that models the outer body and not EVERY INTERNAL SYSTEM dumbass. Basic human models in real life cost less than anatomically correct ones simply because it's less difficult to model an outline of an body than to model the body in high detail with all the internal organs.
I actually don't wanna buy any models I was just asking a simple question because my browsings through various 3d shopping networks have many things over the 200 USD range.

Like these sports balls cost over 100 dollars

I just don't get it, care to explain without all the ad hominem?
The number of times that kind of content will be sold before it's outdated is very limited.
The artists doing freelance stuff like that will have to earn a few thousand bucks a month from their time spent creating that content.

To make a complete human anatomy require a lot of knowledge as well as developed modlling skills.
It's probably close to half a years worth of reserach and work for a lone artist.
Meaning it'd cost you in the ballpark of $30000 to hire someone to make that for you from scratch.
Thanks for the explaination. Maybe I used a bad example though, sorry about that
Not him but ad hominem is the attack of someone without giving an argument. He is giving you an argument but calling you a fuckwit in the process. This is a legitimate reply anon.
>care to explain

>Artist make product
>Artist can charge whatever for their product

As a producer you charge whatever you feel nessicary
As a consumer you find someone cheaper or do it yourself.
You're the crazy one
I charge ATLEAST 1.6k per character.

Just do the math, how much you're getting paid an hour, how many hours will you work on it in a day, and how long would it take you.

For example a simple next-gen character:

Say maybe USD$15 an hour (pretty fucking low compared to junior positions in American studios, small or not, averaging at $21-$23 an hour), 8 hours a day, and 3 weeks to complete (not including weekends)

That's already $1800

Depending on your country however, your hourly rate will differ; locally I have an hourly rate of what is USD$5 an hour, which is absolute fucking peanuts to westerners
This is why so much shit comes to my country to be outsourced, look at that fucking difference in manpower cost; not enough 3D artists here have the balls to up their worth. Even senior positions get them maybe USD$6 an hour, a staggering dollar improvement to a junior position.
Thank god for freelancing and cost of living being just as low
Ahh yes, because every character on turbosquid will only sell once before it's gone, and then you have to spend three weeks making a whole new one.
>waah 4chan is mean
We're not the dumb fucks trynna buy models a with fookin nervous system
>3d models so horrifyingly expensive?

Those models are full anatomy both internal, and external, and the external doesn't look good at all.

Turbosquid is much cheaper for the individual parts depending on what you need the model to do.

Say for example if you wanted a female model fully rigged to pose that can run from $100, to just over $1,000.00.
What you need the model to do should be your first question, then based on that look to price range.

At http://3dscanstore.com/ there are thousands of base meshes that are not rigged but the most life like. Most of those cannot be rigged to pose, but there are a variety posed meshes already available in the individual package pricing of $20 to $200.
>Why are 3d models so horrifyingly expensive? they cost more than the software they used to make it in.
Sand is free, yet a glass chandelier isnt!?!?!?!? WHY! !1?!?!?!

Come on man, you know the answer.


If something takes a week to make then even at a burger flipping wage it should cost 10x8x5= 400$.
But if you want a non beginer to amke it slap in there 30$ per hour and you got 1200$.
Simple, isnt it?

A hammer and chisel will cost what, 50$? and a good sculpt by a know artists can cost thousands of burger money if not millions.
because people who do 3d models at certain quality do it for life, not for after school beer.

this guy nailed it pretty good, listen to him.

YOu probably compare the prices to shit-tier pricing from various asset stores that are so popular right now. Which is also laughable, because many HIGH quality assets there cos t housands to make, and are sold for like 30$ usd - because if you sell 100* 30usd you get 3000 (minus taxes but whatever for now), and noone will but a pistol pack for 3000 usd. But for 30 why not.

Market saturation with cheap-o assets made life harder for the very stupid people that dont value their own work, because pr0s will adjust pricing and just sell more shit for less, and stupid people will make mediocre shit that wont sell even for 20usd.
Where you located?

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