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Hi all,

I want to start using zbrush but i'm in no position to buy a license. If I ever make money from my use of zbrush I would 100% get a license but for the time being this is not the situation.

I pirated photoshop once and found myself a part of a chinese botnet so I'm not too comfortable in using cracks for software.

So my question is, how did you start out with zbrush? Do you have any recommended downloads?
>found myself a part of a chinese botnet
KEK you should have stayed there for good..
just downoad Zbrush and install it don't install some shady shit that's all
if you'll have money or if you'll get good with it you'll eventually buy it

or I have better Idea for you. Dowload DAZ it's free ;) and join daz army of 3 :3 they are artists here

The one on cg persia is legit. The crack will come up as a virus but it's a false positive.

The other thing is versions of 4r7 there are p1 p2, p3 and keyshot bridge. Get P1 and activate and patch to P2 the keyshot one gives nothing but trouble.
cool thanks brosefs I'll check it out.

Might just run one of my hard drives as a compromised system with cracked stuff.

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