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File: SPR 2016.png (1.6 MB, 1280x720)
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I've been out of the loop of 3DCG for a while.
Would like to learn a new package as I was mostly working in Cinema4D. Game asset making really interests me and I was wondering, whether to go with 3DsMax or Maya? I already have some experience with 3DsMax but it seems they are going more towards architectural visualization. On the other hand I really don't like the UI of Maya but I'd bite the bullet if I knew it's worth it.
What are your opions/suggestions?
Here's one of mine done in Cinema.
viper 10/10, love the style and rendering
do you freelance?
contact me: konfederate14@gmail.com (send some other renders of this viper as proof that it's you)

Maya > 3DsMax but
Blender > Maya
Takes a while to get used to but completely worth it + it's free (ignore this fact tho, it's fukken fantastic in every way + usermade addons!!)
op are u alive?
File: Snow Island 2.png (3.96 MB, 1920x1080)
3.96 MB
3.96 MB PNG
Yeah, sorry. Was away. I'm not currently looking for work since I have a job. Although, I could still send you the renders, never know when we might need each other :D

I think I'll go with Maya, their 2016 UI seems nice and there's tons of tutorials online for what I wanna do.

Here's another render.
File: DrugStoreGudB.png (1.36 MB, 1280x720)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
One more
You got skills
hey OP which renderer are you using?
C4d native one? IMHO it's very very capable and good renderer + it's interface is my favorite so far
I'm like you I've switched to maya for some time, 2017 has even better UI but it'l never go near C4d UI it's the only thing that I miss, simple things are done so well in C4d, here you must go in atribute manager to move things lol etc, it has very simple things that make workflow so much more intuitive, easy and comfortable that maya lacks and this aspect is in every damn thing ,,,,
I'm graphic designer video editor/engineer/grafix, and wanted 3d and when I switched cinema first time I transitioned in no time there, but when I switched to maya I was lost for some time...
oh and definitely get Maya 17 because the most great thing is that it has Arnold now ... with many many UI enhancements (I mean simplifications in enhancements :)) which will help you to switch, and it has now very cool too so there is really much reason in switching to maya 17
Arnold alone is not a reason to switch to Maya because Arnold is available for Cinema.
I have not said that Arnold is a reason to switch to Maya. renderer is the least thing to do that for. I was saying that maya 2017 has arnold as default renderer but all previous versions has metal ray. and I think it's a big improvement. with many many other improvements over 2016, and one of them is even better UI than 2016 has
I was just telling to switch to maya 2017 instead of maya 2016 that's all
But compared to 2016 the latest one is buggy and unstable, lots of new features are there but half unusable. Not to mention that there are not many Plugins there yet. Maya always needs at least one service patch before it becomes usable for production.
Throwing a newcomer in that hot and steaming mess that is Maya 2017 seems a little cruel to me.
Hey, I'm using the Physical renderer. It's so gud once you learn it. It's even faster in some cases than the standard.

Yeah C4D's UI is the best in the business imo but it is extremely uncomfortable for making game assets. Have you tried UVing in that thing? Horrible.

I actually work as a graphic designer and use 3D a lot in my work. I guess the easy UI attracts us designers :D

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