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I been doing some snooping around in linkdin, looking at the employees in different game studios and i noticed that almost everyone works at studios 1-2 years on average than goes to another studio, than works there for 1-2 or 2-3 years than goes to another studio?

why is that? do they get fired or do they get better job offers somewhere else, because i noticed few people became Senior artists or art directors after leaving 1 studio.

I also noticed that people working at Blizzard, stay working at blizzard for like up to 9 years even (blizzard opened in 2004 so that almost from the start)

why is that?
because studious use contractors therefore don't have to pay benefits to employees

they open and close studious to avoid some kind of tax requirement too
3D studious don't really hire modelers they just contract them. in blizzard only the senior/lead modeler stay in place others do work and get dropped after few months
>because studious use contractors therefore don't have to pay benefits to employees

never heard of anyone shutting down an entire studio, moving to another location, reopening just to avoid taxes. the paperwork and the hassle to close and reopen a business isn't worth it, besides, you still gotta pay your taxes, closing the business don't exam you from it, if it did, every single business would do it.

most decent studios do offer healthcare and 401k and other benefits to employees.
if you check any studios glassdoor page they have the benefits and under salary they have the salary for the employees and the contractors.
Worked a decade in games industry, changed job 6 times..
Theres tons of reasons:
Studio closure/layoffs
Better job offer (recruiters are always hounding people with experience)
Personal reasons like moving to a better city
Chance to negotiate better pay
Better projects

And sometimes if a friend gets a job somewhere and its awesome theres always a chance you'll follow suit for the fuck of it.
Slightly off topic, but any tips on writing Cover Letters and Resumes? I can't seem to get mine to "stand out".

Or can we have a thread posting template-like resumes and cover letters while not mentioning anything personal?
Your cv literally doesn't matter. It won't stand out. It just needs to have your info on it and clearly. Don't fuck it up trying to make it more than it needs to be.

Only thing that really matters is your portfolio
this is utter bullshit,probably you're bad in what you do.
its all about the glass ceiling and skill cap, along with your personal develop process - i switched studios 4 times in last 15years of career, now im freelancing 100%, and it wont change - there is a moment in your job that noone can teach you new things, you teached most of your co-workers eveerything, and managment/boxx is giving you shit tasks that you might enjoyed 3years ago but now feel... mediocre - so you decide not to waste your time and move along. Freelancing for me is the ultimate challenge, as i can pick the difficulty level of work - in recent 3 years of freelancing i've aquired skill in editing video, 3d scanning, photography, electronics and programming simpe unity games - and i was 3d artist/tech artist my whole life.

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