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This is a thread to discuss:
>Best CAD software
>Render Software
>Training blueprints and other resources
>What you are working on
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Nuff' Said
For a hobbyist Fusion 360 seems good and is what I'm using. I heard it's very similar to Inventor which would be the next logical step.
I use ArchiCAD for work but desu it doesn't have anything to do with mechanical engineering. For rendering I used Artlantis Studio, but now I have started learning 3ds Max, because of cheap/free/self-made custom furnitures and easy to make environments.

I want to work on my portfolio soon, but first I have to be decent at visualisation.
>Best CAD software
For now Im using SolidWorks, but the best CAD should be CATIA because is the next step after SolidWork.

I have to say that Inventor has been doing really well with "complex surfaces", since they introduced more CG tools

To render in Solidworks I use PhotoView 360. KeyShot is probably the most effective although I have seen really good SolidWorks renders with Maxwell.

The best website for blueprints is
www.john-tom.com(if you dont want headaches download only the blueptints which are in german), but you can also go to GrabCAD and look for some attached blueprints
I use inventor and prefer it over F360. The latest Inventor build has all the same systems, environments, and tools anyway but with a better workflow (for the most part).

The only major difference I've seen so far is that F360 features better mesh modeling systems. Both have free form modeling, but I think they've added full mesh modeling to F360 now (unless that was a indie script someone made).

Still, both are good options and pretty much free with Autodesk's student system/hobby licenses.
I'd really like some sources for more advanced lessons or tutorials for CAD. Inventor specifically.

I've been using inventor for a few years now, and Pro-E (when it was still Pro-E) before that. But most of what I do is pretty basic. I've almost never even used 3d sketching and the more advanced drafting tools I can only sort of use half the time because they error out and I don't know why.
I use Creo >.<
master tier siemens nx here
Inventor has sheet metal, Fusion 360 doesn't.
But Fusion 360 has the ability to view the threads as a modeled surface, while Inventor doesn't.
after years of using sketchup, I've took the leap to solidworks and the transition is slow and rough, but I'm working on it, learning little by little everyday. pic related my second model.
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Thread seems death. But i will give it a shot anyways.

Basic crank - piston assembly i made for fun.

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