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hey guys so im getting into 3d for gaming related stuff my 2d isnt that great but not so bad too is there a certain level i should be at or decency is enough? also getting good at 3d is it like 6month + journey of learning to become good?
>it's a however long it takes for you to get good to be good journey
The question you're asking is essentially: how do I know I'm good enough to know if I'm wasting my time or not.

The answer is up to you, if you keep spending your time doing this its' not time wasted.
If you quit right now you've wasted a bit of time, but not as much as if you quit in the future.

Use the first software you come across until your projects reach the limitations of what's possible, that's my advice.
2D is still really nice, anyway, you'll just be making 3D environments and half ignorning one of the dimensions
File: __dunning-kruger-effect.png (70 KB, 2024x1432)
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>>>also getting good at 3d is it like 6month + journey of learning to become good?
i have 15 years of experience in industry, worked on dead island, dying light and lawbreakers, along with many titles you dont probably know, and i still know shit :D

But laughing aside, sucking in something is first step of being good at something.
Nowadays you have plenty of resources onthe internet, buy tutorials (and i mean buy, not hoard them through torrent, because you wont value them then), learn from them, and for gods sake - dont put tutorial-m,ade things in your portfolio - i have daily 3-5 applications that have nothing but tutorial assets in portfolio. Seriously, you people need to stop that - make something unique, all by yourself, to actually show that skills youlearned can be applied in different scenarios.
look, no one is gonna tell you that your work is good or bad.
even online people won't tell you outright what they think of your work, you will get suggestions to improve at most.
most people won't even bother giving you an in-depth review of your work,some will bullshit you, some don't even know what they are talking about.
on the opposite side you still have people that will give you a good critique and what to improve.
generally, it depends on where you aim.
game art in general is not easy, you have alot to know if you are the only person making the assets, the levels and everything.
id wager there are only a handful of people that can make a game with good visuals on their own, so don't get too excited.
learn to cut coners but also have an ambition, if you believe and work hard you will get there
i am so looking forward to Lawbreakers.
Did not get into the alpha sadly.
good job, whatever you did. it's a gorgeous game
>getting good at 3d is it like 6month + journey of learning to become good?
6 months from now and you will still be neck-deep in the valley of suck with no horizon to see.
If you haven't gave up already.

Learn this Dunning Kruger effect so that you not fall victim to it, then become HUMBLE, make your ego small by keeping this mantra in your head:
"What i know is an drop, what i don't know is an ocean."
Then start doing it. Afterwards ask yourself: Is this fun to learn and do? If yes keep doing.
And even more.
Go to people and ask them for focused and deep critic. Keep your ego in check and listen and learn. Listen to the harshest critics and learn not to attach your ego to your work.
If you are low on motivation watch this clip and ask yourself: "do i want to keep doing it? "

If yes then stick to it, you'll only get better when you put lots of energy into it, there is no shortcut. THERE IS NO SHORTCUT, as long as you search for an shortcut you waste your time, you 'll stay in noobland and you'll never find out how deep the rabbit-hole goes.
All weapons/character were already done.
I did mostly envirnoment stuff. Cant say more because NDA.

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