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I am making this guy for a personal project and I am in the process of texturing.
He is supposed to look spooky and possibly undead.
Porblem is I can't really tell if the skin too dark? I like the dark dirty looking skin but at the same time i want him to be pale, but i dont want him to feel too pale/clean either. I tried making his skin lighter and making the eyesocketsand other areas dark but that just felt weird with too much contrast in the skin colors.
Can i get some constructive feedback?
It's very difficult to judge colours without knowing what the image is going to be displayed on, because different monitors make them look different. Possibly putting a sample of normal skin tone next to him would help.

That said, he looks too dark to me. Maybe keep the dark colour in the lower face were stubble would be and lighter in up for the upper part?

A bit more yellow in the palette could make him more visible while still giving an unhealthy, 'waxy' look to the skin. A brown-yellow tint around the eyes can make them seem sunken without having the actual value too dark.

Really, you don't need to go overboard on this kind of thing. Humans are pretty sensitive to signs of poor health in each other and CGI characters usually trigger our 'uncanny valley' sense fairly easily anyway, so it doesn't take much to make one seem disgusting and have us question if he is really alive.
If he's supposed to be undead then remove all the red tones from his skin and add maybe a touch of yellow. He's also too well fleshed out to be a corpse. You can make him a lot more pale without appearing clean. leave the wrinkles and other concave areas dirtied, make his cheeks/scalp/jaw lighter, then add some smudged grease and dirt texture over it.
Right now he doesn't look dirty. it just looks like he has a grey skin tone.
Corpses can have plenty of red in their colouration. It probably shouldn't be in the places you see it in a human though; the model has a fairly pink nose, which doesn't seem quite right.
> It probably shouldn't be in the places you see it in a human though; the model has a fairly pink nose, which doesn't seem quite right.
Hence why i said remove all the red you faggot

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