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I don't know anything about 3d

I want to make low-poly 3d models, mostly just cute girls, as a hobby.

Where should I get started, what program should I use, and what are some good resources or tutorials?
learn 2d first
I do know 2d pretty well, I'm assuming you just mean drawing, right?

I don't know if posting my work is relevant, but if it comes to making texture or drafting characters, I don't think it will be an issue for me.

I am mostly concerned with the program I need to learn, and the process/workflow. It's unfamiliar to me.
Download the student version of Maya. You can bullshit student credentials; nobody even checks.
then just watch youtube tutorials. There are heaps of them.
Do I just look up "low poly tutorial Maya" on youtube or somethin'?
Get Blender. It's free and good. (If you want to go with any other mainstream program that's fine too)

It doesn't need to be specifically for low poly; just find beginner tutorials for your program.
Do not go with Blender. Blender is hot trash.
Go with 3ds max or Maya, I would recommend trying both to see which one you like.

Like the guy said above, don't go with blender.
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I would say go with a combo of blender and makehuman. This is a work in progress, but those are the tools I used to get this far.
Try Blender. Blender hate is a very old meme which Blender has long surpassed. Max and Maya really don't compare to it anymore. It took it a very long time, but its constant updates and improvements have now simply made it the better tool. Especially for low poly.
But give all the major programs a try, at this point it's basically a preference of interface.
Blender is great unless you need to buy special effect plugins. Most people don't, especially low poly modelers. Some people like the interface; some don't

OP, if you don't like Blender for whatever reason, feel free to try something different, but it's capable of doing anything you want. People here hate other programs; it's like console wars on /v/.

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