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File: no_mans_guy.png (166 KB, 650x382)
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hahaha holy shit

apparently some guy found a few 3d models data-mining No Man's Sky including this one which people are speculating is supposed to be the player avatar. if this is true, my sides are in orbit.
File: no_monkeys_sky.png (190 KB, 650x369)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
I honestly think most of you could do a better job given 30 minutes
When you cant see it ingame !i was surprised if it even has 1

The art in that "game" is truly horrendous. What a con job the entire affair was.

I actually thought the creatures looked pretty impressive for procedurally generated stuff. It can't be easy to make something that looks OK in however many thousand configurations they can come in.
2 years of hype lol
/3/ remake when?
well apparently you're able to meet other people on the surface of a planet so this is the monstrosity you'd meet if you were to encounter another player.
Nah, MP was never coded from the beginning. I think it was for the safety of the players, had they seen this evil monstrosity I think a few would be damned to hell.
I know this is an old thread, but I think I saw this muddafucka in thre game

When you're in an atlas station sometime you can see three figures against a strong light in a distance. I think the left one might be the guy in OPs pic.

(Yes, I actually play it)
How actually terrifying would it be to run into this though? Like you're going through both nice and ugly planets and you just see this fucker bounding towards you... what would you do?
File: dicks.png (76 KB, 208x201)
76 KB
hi i'm OP and i've never heard of the term "programmer art"
They probably wanted to make a procedural game to make up for no artist.

The colours are nice and all, but the models and animations are poor.

pls go

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