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File: Kitchen_sharpen.jpg (750 KB, 969x1300)
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Just wanted to show what i can do in 3ds max xD
I will never ever understand why the fuck people want to make this when they are learning graphic software
neither this nor guns :pacmansmile:
oh and put couple of DAZ models in there
it'll be perfect
Hard surface amateur here. I notice guns (and vehicles to the same extent) are popular to model because they're fairly complex objects that offer good challenges (mesh-wise) while having a lot of references available (pick any gun, car, or military vehicle, and you can find tons of photo references detailing them under every angle). On top of that, they're common videogame subjects so it certain attracts people to modeling them.

For rooms, I'd guess the big appeal is from archvis. And most of the photo-realistic "looks like a picture" renders people see are of rooms like these, so it does create an impact of "I wanna make that cool scene too". And if you're gonna model something photo-real, you've got either interiors, exteriors, or props, and exteriors are way harder because of the organic elements in them. What else would you want people to model?

tl;dr there's nothing wrong with these subjects, if anything they're the things you should expect from people learning 3D. "Original" creations require a ton more expertise, and are harder to find good techniques/documentation for.
Op, this is some ok work. Keep in mind camera aberrations, DoF. Some blatant lack of detail in some parts such as the window. To me it looks a little too dark for a daytime interior and the lighting could be more pronounced.

Kitchen looks like its from an Ikea furniture stand. Add more detail to make it look lifelike
Not bad. But the window looks weird. You need a frame around it.

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