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what tool should i learn if i want to make videos like this?

any 3D package and after effects. You should not aspire to create this level of trash though.
cinema 4d/after effects (on low level)
I'm telling the easiest way
btw here's fan banshee vid by me ))
your stuff is really cool!

i noticed on this one you said that you had only been working in 3d for 2 months when you made it?


how did you get so good so quickly? what resources did you use to learn cinema 4d/after effects that quickly?
Thanks man )
actually I was working as graphic designer from my teenage years, I know allmost any graphic software, and I knew after effects for some time (I'm working as video engineer/etc.. etc..) so I know video side as well, I just started 3d in december and cinema 4d was really easy to gasp for me because it has fucking great and intuitive interface IMHO, I learned everything wirh tutorials etc.. now I switched to maya and to general 3d packages because I want to learn unreal engine and make indie game )) and I want to know as many shit as as I can in every sphere, + I have reach to almost any softwares from studios where I work... but now it is taking time to actually produce something, because I was just makint things up in cinema now I'm trying to actually make somethings .. IDK maybe I'm trying to do things very above my skill level ))
kek, that guy at the end is running windows on a macbook.

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