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File: blood animation.png (1.7 MB, 1421x583)
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Hello gods of 3D. I was wondering how can you do something like the image? It's a animation where the blood drop is going down, and as the blood is moving, it leaves a trail behind. How this trail of blood is made? After Effects?

How can you change the character texture in real time?
shader tricks
nice. Looks like another deadly glasses throw right to the jugular
You talking about like in a video game or in something pre rendered?
and how would you use it other than a cinematic?

i would like to see blood spray in games tho, we have the tech to do it but i haven't seen it yet.
its all blood splatters

Both actually... its because i just dont know how to explain. For example, imagine two people arguing, and then they began a fight. One of them punchs the eye of the other one.

So i want to make that eye area of my character hurted, like you know, purple color around that eye, showing that its damaged.

So basically, i need for this character 2 textures? One with the eye ok, and another texture just for the damaged eye?
two textures is fine, I already done this before (for about the same thing, a character being hurt)
In Blender you can try dynamic paint.
File: 1457748058734.jpg (41 KB, 460x345)
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>blood texture on a plane
>animate the plane by scaling it on the Y axis

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