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Are there any hardsurface/prop modeling videos or streams you like to watch? I'm trying to get into hardsurface modeling and I'm starting to see lots of people use more complex workflows like sculpting parts of their models (including organic parts like cloth and straps), or using some really good PBR texturing techniques (sculpting/painting wear, damage, etc.)

The problem is while there's a lot of tutorials available on places like youtube, they're all entry-level or cover outdated workflows. Are there no good resources for up-to-date modeling and texturing, or am I simply looking in the wrong place?
all expert level modeling is found in either 3dmotive,lynda,cgmasters,udemy digital tutors etc

also some pro artist make masterclass lesson from time to time but they are expensive
I heard about cgmasters alot. Should be good
Arrimus 3D on youtube has some fairly advanced hard surface modelling stuff.
He's using 3ds max. If you have some specific model you have trouble modelling you can even send him requests.
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>curvature-based edge wear

You dont really need to sculpt guns as you can add details for guns in the texture phase. Use things like DDO or substance painter to add edge wear and weld points etc.

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