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can you faggots give me the real list of pluggins and software a professional may use to make 3D easier/simple?

I mean, everything, from blender to photoshop to stuff like Bones Pro to google sketchup?

I'm really interested into what plugins do pro use.
pros don't use plugins retard
File: op_faggot.jpg (86 KB, 420x315)
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>calls board faggots
>doesn't even know difference between plugin and program
>What a faggot
The only plugin I could honestly say I wouldn't be able to live without is Thinking Particles.
> this is like video games right just give me the fucking walkthrough already

I look forward to your repeated anger and failure in life
They wont let you know because soon as it goes public what they use to speed up their workflow they'll be out of work

The funny thing is you see a lot of western autist 3d modellers, just youtube any of them theyre either gay, hipsters with beards or some sort of numale faggotry, best thing to do is out work for a bit little the cost, the fucking selfish cunts

I just want a better job so modeling now and it beats walmart by miles, just get good at one thing you dont need to know righing or animating just modelling
File: 1464480159341.gif (889 KB, 500x286)
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889 KB GIF
>3d sotfware: Max or Maya, fuck the others
>Rendering: Vray, Renderman, Arnold
>Sculpting: Zbrush
>Texturing: Substance, Quixel, Photoshop
>Rigging: git gud
>Game asset utility: Marmoset

If you're a lazy ass fuck you can use stuff like 3D coat and Keyshot
File: 1420479746963.jpg (12 KB, 251x242)
12 KB
>They wont let you know because soon as it goes public what they use to speed up their workflow they'll be out of work

>Ya m8 dey jus press butons and all the work is dun and purfect lollololol!!|1!!

Sent from my Android phone
Fly back to your apeplanet, retarded monkeyman, you have no business walking among us humans.
OP i tell you about the secret renderer which allows you to render billion of polys in mere secon....
WAIT, did you just call me a faggot?
Go fuck yourself.

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