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continuing from >>531718
didn´t know if it´s worth a new thread but: Substance Painter, Designer and B2M are now free for students and teachers. 3D srcub student myself and always wanted to try this, so I´m pretty excited about it.
Why the fuck is this a continuation thread? Stop being a little bitch and just pirate the programs. Noone gives a shit about your stupid shitty 3d projects. It's going to take you years to do anything decent. YEARS. 365 times 7. That's how long it's going to take for you to be decent. Stop being a faggot and download whatever you need
i can believe this bullshit has pushed a thread off which may have been hear months. fuck you. torrent your shit and get out.
give me the fucken torrents you pricks I dont want to download malware , this thread is not continued it was a mistake

the torrents will be the top seeded on normal sites like KAT or TPB. if you dont have cgpeers then its not like the link will help you.
File: 1QG3ZsK.gif (934 KB, 500x282)
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934 KB GIF
No need to be so snappy shugah! Bless your lil' heart. We ain't got no torrent links here. It's against masta's rules. But you can scootch your cute batoot down over to KAT and TPB. Pick me up some milk while your over there sweetie.

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