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Any US freelancers here? I'm new to the industry in terms of professional experience and I recently found a job which pays me per project.

Things I need to do:
1) They send me models of LED arrangements which I sometimes need to change a bit. I also need to apply materials to them, including setting up the lights and glow.
2) They send me high res stock images I need to edit in PS removing arrangements that already exist on the images.
3) After it I go to 3Ds Max and recreate most of the surfaces of the scenes and place the LEDs in the scenes. I set up all materials for the scene and then render it all with VRay in several passes, which takes few hours.
4) I take renders and composite the passes onto the images.
5) Sometimes they approve sometimes they don't so I need to redo some stages of the process.

I was told they pay me fixed price per project, and when they asked how much, I thought for start it could be $15/hr and it would probably take me at least 5 hours to complete one project. So I said $75 per project.

So it turned out it takes me 8-10 hrs at least per project, not including "fixing" stuff when they ask. But as they pay me $75, it turns out I get around $450 per week, minus taxes will be $370 or so, which is less than fucking McDonalds and completely ridiculous considering that I have a degree in that field. I basically work on these day and night, all weekend too. I was going to ask them to pay more, but I realize they can just tell me - what the fuck we had a deal, now gtfo. And I will be left without income and I wasn't really able to find any full time job for a while.

My question is - what do you think I should do, go forward and tell them - I takes me more hours, so pay me more? Or I should just keep working low pay and keep looking for a full time job to reduce risks of homelessness and once I find a job, I could already ask them for more money?
Stay with em for a while to contribute to your folio, once you have a decent level of work to show to potential future employers, ask for a raise and explain that you aren't being paid for the work you do.

Honestly, I would take your job in an instant. If i could do what i enjoy for a living, i would. I live quite frugally though.

Is that image something you've made? it looks great; worth way more than 75 bucks.
No, it's a random pic, I do interior renderings with LED lights and compositing, but they are also photo realistic yes. But I think you are right, I have no experience in my resume, only school, so probably I should stick to it while I look for a job. Also yes, I enjoy doing it anyway and it's at home where I can do it any time.
15 bucks an hour working from home? So you save time and money on travel, can do whatever the fuck you want as long as the job gets done.
Mate you're set, quit complaining.
Get better at what you do so you need less time.
Examine your workflow and cut corners.
Increase your work-quality so that it becomes obvious that you deserve more money.
Do they let you fix things because you did not reach their level of quality or because they change things?
If its the latter and the amount of work piles up, ask for more money.
1 or 2 hours here and there is not a problem. If it goes beyond that...$$$

But you botched up the initial negotiation, there is not much you can get out of it now.
Impress them with more quality, or cut your time by getting faster. Or do both.
Re-read the OP.
He's getting paid $9.37-7.5 an hour depending on how long the projects take, which is less than a McJob in most states.
Yeah, but it's also no experience. A person with several years of experience could ask $25-30/hr as it should be. But if there is none, that low paying 9/hr would like internship. Getting some money to live/eat and working.
Do you think they can just decide no to hire him anymore if he asks for 90 per project?
Are you living outside US? Because in places like Russia that is insanely good money. If in NA or West Europe, sure it may suck a bit but you're doing what you want to do in life. Who the fuck wants to flip patties for the average Ameriburger customer? Just do >>531794 and find a more enticing offer as well.
Hey, no, I'm in NYC.
In NYC that's terrible money, just saying. Used to live in NY and I feel bad for you now. Just take >>531794 advice, and keep making a portfolio looking out for more/better job(s) meanwhile.
Are those mooring masts or are those some other towers?
It's somewhere in Russia

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