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>>pls, no googo

I am indie game dev and >>pic related.
I want zbrush, how do you not pay 700 bucks and not pirate it but still use it
why not pirate it just like everybody else
Indie game dev
>>maybe if you pirate it for private use then its ok
>moral reasons
not moral reasons, I have the reason that if someone somehow finds out that I use pirated software for the game I am selling shit gets high
Pirate it like everyone else. Why do you think maya is free? It's because they want people to learn it so they can charge studios a fuckton of money for the licenses.

Look at every rapper in the world. You think those broke fucks have a legit copy of FL Studio? Fuck no.

You think most editors have a legit copy of Final Cut or Premiere? Fuck no. I've been on sets with editors who still run illegal shit.

You just don't go around boasting about it and of course it's only a matter of time before someone gets busted but it's common knowledge most software is pirated in order for someone to gain knowledge at the beginning. Just, when it comes time to pay your dues, be sure to get a legit copy.

Plus, it's going to take a long time before you get good at anything 3D, you're probably gonna suck for like 7 years. It's a shitty struggle. But it's more reason to pirate. Who knows how long you will last. I guarantee that at some point, you will burn the fuck out and hate 3D. But if it's your passion, you will come back to it.

My point is, you might hate doing 3D after a while and on top of that, you are 800 bucks in the hole. Why risk that? And since you are an indie dev, I hate to say this but absolutely noone gives a shit about your work until they see it. Not only do you have to do everything yourself from the modeling, to animation, to programming. You're looking at decades worth of practice. Yeah, that's right man. over 10 years worth of hard work. This is not an easy field you can just watch a couple of tutorials on and dive in. This shit is true dedication.

And the harsh reality is that even after all that time and effort, by the time you do get anywhere. Most of the jobs will be outsourced. 3D is just like every industry eventually. It all goes towards those who can make a cheaper profit from art farms.

stop being a little bitch and pirate zbrush. By the time you get anywhere, there's going to be newer versions anyways. I'm running 4R6. It's fine.
Go onto steam greenlight. And really take a look. Really spend some time in there browsing. I guarantee you most of those games were made illegally. There are A LOT of people who make what they make and once the money starts rolling in, they quickly purchase a license for that exact reason.

That musician Martin Garrix was running an illegal copy of FL Studio as well as several expensive VST's and it was featured on an interview. The guy already made it and he was still running illegal shit. He got called out for it and the next thing you know, he had legit purchases. Sure there's reasons to be scared but you shouldn't worry either. As long as you eventually purchase a legit copy, you will be fine for the "just in case" moment that will probably and most likely never happen.
This so much, chill op
Sucks that cgpeers died a few days before this tho

I bet they will announce an educational free version in September. Substance is now free so more software should follow suit.
This. I did a 1 yr diploma, and a 3yr degree in 3d. And now only after 4 years am making decent animation. Am an animator btw.
"indie" "dev"
Just pirate it you cuck
>if someone somehow finds out that I use pirated software
Unless you're an idiot and advertise that you use illegal copies of a program, no one will know, and no one will ask.
>if someone somehow finds out that I use pirated software
how the hell is that gonna happen ? max and maya is free and there is no signature that zbrush leaves when you export a sculpt from it, which is reformattable anyway. And not to mention you can use sculptris and mudbox for the same thing so you don't even have to announce you used zbrush.
>max and maya is free
It's an educational licence.
anyone got decent torrents for this
am going to use vpn kso
Jesus Christ, then if it bothers you it's an educational version. Pirate it!!!!!!!
CG Peers, registration is in like a week or so, don't bother with most other sites unless you want malware.
Relax nigger, I ain't even OP. Just pointing out, because people are fucking retarded and think that just because the can run an application for free means they can earn money with it.
its like a closed peer to peer network , right?
am going to try to register on the 15th
Is it safe to use no vpn there, becase I dont use free vpn
Just did my diploma in fineart, about to do 3 in 3d animation any tips? Im hella excited, also whats your work like is it 9-5?
Do you want to get sued for copyright infringement?
If yes than sure, use that torrent and UPLOAD and SHARE copyright protected material.

CGPeers is nice, if you download from Russia or Brazil, do that in the US or Europe without protection and you could get fucked pretty hard.
Get an Account at CGpersia.com and download from oneclick-hosters like Mega.
Nobody can sue you for Copyrightshit if you don't upload.
CGpersia and CGPeers are basically the same source.
What if someone downloads a trial version from the developer and a crack separately? I mean whose copyright am I breaking by seeding keygens?
That works perfectly fine..

oh you.
Silly fucking question but I'm gonna ask anyway. If I do archviz shit on a pirated maya, I.e still images only, processed in Photoshop, is there any risk whatsoever? My models would never leave my pic.
Why don't you just stick with Blender?
Maybe because there is hierarchy of quality when it comes to sculpting.
Zbrush >Mudbox> 3dCoat> Cinema4d> Maya> Blender
Blender is good for sculpting
OP here.
I use Blender, decided not to torrent just because
Neat, it's this thread again
I was stuck using blender for modeling, sculpting, and animating. And I used GIMP for texturing.

Now, I just pirate everything. It sucks learning everything again, but these programs are just SO MUCH better than the free stuff. Is there any reason not to really? Do they leave watermarks or something?
What do you use for modeling?
Why is Blender bad for you?
I've been using blender for more than a year now, I've used Max and Maya previously as a newbie and none of them stuck to me.
Sure Blender is confusing when you're starting out but it doesn't take more than a day to get used to.

I would like to know if any of you who used Blender previously and now switched over to Max/Maya or MODO modeling tools or whatever; what are the advantages?

I personally am unable to choose between Max/Maya as a main 3D tool.
I had pirated Maya last year, and oh boy, it was un-intuitive as fuck.
Video for reference:

BTW OP, you can use those tools offline, export your model, import it into blender and save it. If you really want, you can export it as a obj and do the process over again. I bet no-one would find out whatever you used anyway, considering you washed the models format so many times, it lost its "license watermark" - if it ever had one.

This guy made about $200k with stolen models, using illegally obtained tools, and yet his game is still on Steam. Why? Because no-one gives a shit about a indie game that costs $2. Not even Turn 12 Studios cares enough to put a lawsuit on his ass for stealing models from Forza.
thanks, satan for your advice. op here
I just registered on cgtrade to get some of the titties to suck and export it to a format that is commonly used on turobpsquid. .blend doesnt sell but .max is the most selling one
Blender will export .3ds, and a lot of different formats, there are import/export plugins as well.
If you decide to sell something, .fbx will work fine.

So far the cons I've had going from Max -> Blender were triangulation of quads, easily fixable but a pain in the ass.

I personally wouldn't use a pirated version of Max/Maya in a professional setting but if you're really stuck to Zbrush or any other tool, use it offline, do what I've said above, wash the model(kek).

I haven't tried this experiment yet, but if you export anything as a .obj, it should be in a readable format, open it up with notepad and see if there's any code watermark (there shouldn't be).
Try this with a simple plane, or cube.

If all fails, try the trial, you'll have 45 days to practice using Zbrush. I think that's plenty time to get used to the tool and decide for yourself.
Zbrush is so cheap that buying it just just saves you lots of hassle. Bought it 6 years ago. Still get updates for free.
Ive been using pirated software foe 8 years
I havent been found out yet

I know so many others that started or still use pirated software.
Should I be suspicious of this, or is this the standard one you chaps use?

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