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Anyone know how I might go about creating a parody of one of these. I need artwork for a playlist I have made.
Can't help you, but I'm curious what kind of playlist you have in mind - do tell
Are you a pleb or a novice?
You mean one exactly like this or just in general?

Either way, I'm sure much of it can be handled in Photoshop with ease.

/gd/ is probably a more suitable board for such trivial work.

If you must do it in a 3d software and want specifics:
Text can be done with a simple text tool, I'm sure any 3D package has this. For the ribbons, just create simple sub-divided planes and drop them with a cloth sim.

Everything else is seriously babby's first Photoshop work, google it.
>I'm sure much of it can be handled in Photoshop with ease.
I'm sure you should talk about things you understand like gargling your roommate's cock.

No, this is not fucking Word Art, this is an actual 3D extrusion of True/OpenType vectors and it usually requires a 3D package meant for that.

> la de dah, i'm TALKING

that's nice fuccboi
Photoshop has had basic 3d tools, not to mention simple 3d extrusion and warping effects, for like a goddamn decade.

Did I hit a nerve on a /gd/ fag with the phrase "trivial work to elicit that response?

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