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Whether top tier to indie or even straight out of uni what are your stories related?

Im curious because when I think of the industry I feel like everyone is elite, so nobody makes mistakes but do you ask fellow colleagues and peers for help? Just like our very own questions thread, do you help or have you asked for help at work and what was the response?

Also met a 'games dev' around 26 straight outta uni into an indie job, this faget just kept talking about how hes crap at 3d so moved to a different position coding, why is this allowed?
>so nobody makes mistakes but do you ask fellow colleagues and peers for help?

when dropping at a studio, you better be competent. but nothing is absolute since 3D tech is so fast moving its hard to catch up to the latest software and techniques.

if you are a 3D modeler, you better know some unity/unreal + some coding. because the future is uncertain
>As a modeller you should know some coding

lmao this clown, ive been modelling only and in the industry for 4 years now, nobody cares, as long as the team gets the work done to time, we eat and play around in offices all day, fucking sending this from wotrk right now
i meant when getting a job, not when already working.

most positions in 3d are not entry level
>haha nah man trust me I have anecdotal evidence
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probably not the industry youre thibking of, i used to work sanitation at a fish packing facility.

boss told everyone for years explicitly to use hot water and bleach to clean.

MFW hot water deactivates the active ingredient in bleach.
you use the bleach fisrt then the hot water
I mean he gave instructions to mix 1 part bleach to 9 parts hot water.
Bleach in food? Fuck off
citation needed

(i've always done it this way)
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all i can tell you is it depends on the workplace. some places are a grind and really depressing to work at that can be extremely competitive and uncooperative within the confines of the workplace.

others are really nice and full of personable, cooperative people who will gladly help you with anything. we're all in the same team here and have one goal: make good money. this requires discipline and skill. don't get suckered into a lazy, half-ass skilled workplace making some idiot's "dream game".
I didnt graduated or anything, i just learned all by myself and 3dmax fucking f1 button (10 years ago there wasn't that much online resources), but have few tips for you:

be humble - dont be an asshole that pretends he knows everything, even IF you know something - this is mainly about teamwork, and until you'll be ready to change companies, most of the new stuff you'll learn from working with others.
Dont limit yourself to just one porogram or one skill - dont say 'i wont make this rock, im CHARACTER ARTIST'
Learn how to code small things, also, learn the scripting language if your software supports it - in one studio, i actually switched from 3d artist to tech artist, was earning godlike payment, and was developing tools for other artist. Not to say ability to script some things is great timesaver - few time i've wrote a script in a day, run it for 30 minutes, and save myself 3 days of fucking around (unreal engine colission hull generator that works on mesh elements)
Also, if you hit skill cap in some company, dont be afraid to change it - sitting on arse without developing new skills can be really depressing and will make you burn out fast.
BE ELASTIC IN YOUR WORK - i do 3d, 2d, i can rig models, make tools for max/maya, code in unity, and do compositing work. No, i didnt learn it in one year - it comes with time and experience - but the more you know, the more choice of work you have.

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