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Hey! I ran into a problem while exporting things from makehuman to blender. I don't seem to undrestand, why the person on the left has a normal rig, but the guy (and every makehuman file I import) on the right has a rig that is a lot harder to work on. Generally I just want to know how to import these humans with the rig on the left. As you may see, I'm quite new.
It's quite easy, select one of the loopshapes and make sure you are in pose mode.
go to the panel on the far right and click the button that looks like a stick man.

Under 'Display' uncheck the box marked 'shapes' - you can also see above that some tabs marked Octahedral - Stick B Bone. etc just ensure stick is highlighted.

One tip when exporting from MakeHuman is (unless you need to) don't touch the skeleton settings, leave it as default.

I also tend to select the rig, go to object mode - push M and move the rig to another layer, it makes it tidier.

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