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(uuuuuh....well i just want to start of by saying i'm sorry if this isn't the right place or thread for this kind of thing but i can't seem to find answers anywhere else so i digress)

so,can any one point to me to Pornographic stills and animations that you know were done with blender?
you don't have to post them here, a link will suffice. I am asking this because i'm interested in breaking into the ''3D indie hentai''(i know it sounds dumb, i don't know what else to call it) scene.(I'll be able to make beautiful renderings that don't need a complex
story or relatively advanced animation tricks) I plan on using blender for this but i want to see what i'm in for first. Yeah i know the open
source movies like Sintel double as ''showing off the software'' pieces but i'm going to be doing this alone, unlike how Sintel was made.
i want to see if a ''one man blender pornographer team'' is to far fetched for me. So /3/, am i stupid or am i on to something/you can help me out?
File: Image 001.jpg (56 KB, 352x368)
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This guy is /3/'s blender pornman


He posts here with some good shit, then people come and complain about low poly boobies.
Still, at least the animations are better than sfm porn.
thanks alot for the source anon-sama, i honestly thought there was no such thing as a ''blender using pornographer'' and i would have to pioneer it.

i hope i get more sources as good as yours.
No problem.

Here's another one. I'm pretty sure he uses blender.
Found it while searching blender and porn on tumblr.

It's some loli shit, so you've been warned.
Decent quality though.

When is comes to the realm of pornography, there is absolutely nothing you can be the pioneer of. Nothing.
that looks like a man, is there anyone better that can actually model attractive sluts?

not even offensive, its betetr when they draw them in distress imo

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