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I want to learn how to make clothes for Daz studio. What software is good for that and are there any good tutorials you would recommend?

Especially interested in whether there is a way to make rigid clothing items (i.e. armour) which don't distort their shape when morphs or poses are applied to the model, but can grow to fit around enlarged parts and rotate to move out of the way when limbs move. Since the official armour all seems to act like armour-shaped cloth, I'm guessing not.
>make rigid clothing items
1. Create one bone per armor item
2. Assign all of the item's vertices exclusively to this bone
3. Either move the bone during animation time, or set up constraints that make the bone move somewhat realistically.
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Marvelous Designer seems to be the go to easy option.
I second this. Marvelous Designer is amazing! Easy to use.
Is there a marvelous designer tutorial for dummies?
Wait, is that just a random image or was that made with MD?
That's a photo. However, MD is intended to both make 3D clothing meshes AND actual clothing patterns. I suspect this piece of slutwear was not created using MD.
>What software is good for that

Making conforming clothing for either DS or Poser is the same process: you export the target figure in default pose (i.e. T or A) to an .OBJ file, open that in your modeler of choice, build the clothing over it, then comes the fun part: importing the clothing mesh back into DS/Poser and rigging it there.

> I don't know shit about this process but boy do I love to talk

The actual rigging process for both D/P is to define geometry zones corresponding to the limb underneath and then you either copy the figure's bones (if the figure's EULA permits this), copy a donor rig's bones, or make functionally identical ones of your own, followed by weight mapping and/or joint-controlled morphs.

Put another way, you might model the mesh in some 3D modeling app but you aren't going to rig it there.

Note that $6.95 price: it goes away when you download the free DS Pro 4.9 that contains it:

Here's a workflow:

sauce please.
>using DAZ while being condescending
Is DAZ Studio the Sonic of 3D software?
here's your (you)

Longtime Poser/DAZ Studio modeler Sixus1 goes through an entire workflow modeling clothes in ZBrush for Genesis 3 Female. Even if that's not your target figure or your choice of sculpting tools, the principles are the same.

Marvelous Designer is a great program, but it's very expensive. I used it when I was a beta tester and about have bought it but they jacked the price up too high so I ended up getting 3D Coat instead and in the end I'm glad I did because while 3D Coat's cloth sim isn't as sophisticated as MD's the program itself is a lot more versatile and I've used it to make lots of things other than simply clothing.

For rigid wardrobe items it gets tricky. I usually just rig them to a bone that is a child of the bone it's moving with. So spaulders get a separate bone that's parented to the collar. So then I can keep them rigid, have them follow the parent bone and have them movable on their own so I can make correcting adjustments on the pose/animation.

There's a script on Renderosity that turns conforming cloth into dynamic cloth and right now there's someone coming up with another dynamic cloth plug-in for Daz that doesn't use the Optitex code. But for the most part conforming cloth is a hell of a lot easier to work with than dynamic cloth.

This is my gallery of Daz clothing and other assets that I've made. If you get the Cosplay Girl GGC costume you'll see that the shoulder pads since they're semi rigid have two bones in them, one that's just the collar bone and the tips that extend past that collar have their own bone. Since the shoulder pads are a little flexible making a bone for the tips makes it so they don't bend downward when the arms are down but when the arms are raised you can adjust the tips so they look like they're being bent by the pressure of the arm.

Holy crap Ghastly?! Damn. Off topic but how did you get the UV of your geografted gonads to fit?

Do you mean how to get them to work with existing genital UVs? Beats me. Since I don't own any of the prepackaged genitals I can't make my UV match theirs. I usually just paint my own skin textures when I need one and make my own textures for the genitals.

If you owned the other genitals you could always re-map my genitals and manually match them up to the other one the way people make alternate skin uv maps I suppose. I just find it easier to paint my own textures.

Put the .OBJ of that Velma outfit up on ShareCG or elsewhere so I can rig it to work outside PlebStudio. T-pose for the sweater, if it isn't already.

Just export it as an OBJ from studio to use it in whatever program you want.
ok fine *fume*

we were 3d printing shit at work and someone printed a whistle

it's your fault that the first thing i thought was "some rape whistle"
File: 20050220.jpg (164 KB, 510x1325)
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164 KB JPG
What program do you use to paint? And how did you get it to match the body? You repainted the entire body?

I use 3D coat to paint it. Load the torso texture onto the ring of geographed polys then paint the dick and blend it with the geograph ring.

You could do it in photoshop but I find 3D coat is better since you get to paint right on the model itself.
Cool. Thanks.

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