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3Ds max user here.

Are there any good tutorials out there? And is it even reliable to use cloth in this situation, Im short on time and have plenty of characters to do.

Basicly I have two tubes with a group each on top using the character (basicly the rest of the mesh) as the surface to stick to. The bones are used for collision with a big offset to avoid the cloth getting stuck.

Is this how someone would go around doing robes and shit? The chest part doesnt need dynamics so a simple skin is ok, the arms and skirt are the things that need to act with dynamics.

My question is mostly about workflow, is this one ok or are there better options?
Save yourself the trouble and use Marvelous Designer.

I second this. I just installed and tried it and it only took me a 15 minutes to figure out a work flow and had a character with clothes that looked very realistic in no time. Great program. Makes other cloth sims obsolete.

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