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Hello. I was wondering where would be the best/cheapest place to get the services of a 3D model maker for making STL files? I run a 3D printing buisness, and I need someone to design some basic shapes for my printer to print. My email is clintosaurusrex12345@gmail.com for anyone who is interested.
What where you thinking about?
Some of the shapes I would like printed are huminoid creatures. Goblins, zombies, mermaids, and mermen, and possibly more depending on how fast and efficient you are. Extra will be paid to anyone who can add a holder for a d20 at the base.
I also need someone to redesign one of my earlier projects so it's better for the demographic I'm selling to. I sell tarmogoyf dice, and I lost the program to make the sides different. I made one of the sides a 0/1, when I meant it to be a 6/7
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Like this?
That could be a good golem, but I'm not really in the need for golems at this time. I need goblins, mermaids, Angels, and zombies in particular. Zombies and goblins are at a higher priority.
Bump (I am willing to pay for each figure you make, as long as I legally able to sell it in my shop afterwards.)
Your company is not going to flourish. FDM has limitations that makes character printing hard and the result will be looking quite bad. For high detail models the most affordable additive technology is SLA.
The company is already going good. This is part of a customer request. I can print in very fine resolution if needed, and it's the basic design that is going to count here, not the detail.
The detail will come later in painting.

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