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Why is it every time I bake AO or Normals i get projection of whats abve or at the bottom on my UVs instead of having everything nice a smooth (pic related,) P.S. my UVs are not overlapping

I know 1 way to avoid this is by exploding your mesh than rendering but that takes too much time and I never seen anyone actually do it

P.S. can someone recommend me a very advanced/master level UV unwrapping tutorial for complex shapes on 3ds max, There were so pieces That gave me a lot of trouble
you have to shrink/fatten your mesh so that the rays can pickup whats beneath certain geometry

you can do this in combination with setting the ray amount in xnormal to achieve good bakes.
far as tutorials go, you might have to get a weapon retopology tutorial because in those usually they bake alot of underlying geo
>you have to shrink/fatten your mesh so that the rays can pickup whats beneath certain geometry

that kinda makes sentence, do you know of any known size in inches that works well with the lighting? I think my mesh was too small
i don't know how this option works in max but basically you have to join all objects together, select all the mesh and shrink/fatten the mesh with a special option.
but before doing that you will need to make sure the highpoly mesh sits ontop of the lowpoly mesh and fully covers it. there is a modifier that lets you do that, its called shrink wrap usually.

take it with a grain of salt because i yet happen to find a good solution for this. i suggest to actually look into a re-topology tutorial that covers a character/object with many parts

i just took the model and enlarged it from 2 feet to 6 feet and the new bake looked ok (better that is)

was that not the right way
these UVs are absolutely disgusting

also reset your xform
than wtf is the right way, nigga

Have you tried using 3D Coat? It's a hell of a lot easier to use.

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