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Lots of $4 Pro Bundles. each down from $100 unless otherwise noted. All compatible with both DS/Poser, none DRMed or requiring DAZ Connect, and most of the textures/accessory content is compatible with Genesis/G2.

V4/M4 core figure Pro Bundles/Packs (these bundles bring a lot of necessary accessory content not bundled with the base figures, such as hair, everyday clothing, hi-res skins and the Morphs++ morph packs most characters require):
Victoria 4 Hero Pro Pack (originally $180): http://www.daz3d.com/v4-hero-pro-pack
Michael 4 Hero Pro Pack (originally $180): http://www.daz3d.com/m4-hero-pro-pack
The Hero Pro Packs combine the M4/V4 Pro Bundles (themselves already down to $4 from $100) with useful accessories for no additional cost. No reason to get the PBs.

Because V4/M4 have idealized proportions (supermodel height for V4 and muscles aplenty on M4), these pro bundles bring characters that give the figures more down to earth proportions and in some cases, anime/asian looks:
Aiko 4 PB: http://www.daz3d.com/aiko-4-pro-bundle
Hiro 4 PB: http://www.daz3d.com/hiro-4-pro-bundle
Stephanie 4 PB: http://www.daz3d.com/stephanie-4-pro-bundle

Body type, muscles and monster morphs:
Freak 4 Hero Pack (originally $150): http://www.daz3d.com/freak-hero-pack
She Freak 4 doesn't have her own PB, she's in the below:
Super-Physicality Bundle (also $4, but it's originally $290): http://www.daz3d.com/super-physicality-bundle

That's less than $30 for content packages that will certainly go back up to $1100 by this time next week if not sooner.

I didn't mention content like Girl 4 or Elite Ethnic Morphs, mainly because they're less generally useful and/or aren't as deeply discounted.

How often are sales, I just started today learning to use Daz but I'm not gonna spend any damn money when I barely know how to use it just cause muh sale.

So how often do sales like this or perhaps = pr better ones happen? Other than that, no... no shilling pls.
Thanks I bought 3 of each
>tfw already bought all those on previous sales
>never use them
Sales all the time but it depends on what you are looking for. The last time I saw Generation 4 discounted like this was maybe six months ago. Perhaps more.

It was a couple of bundles, not every Generation 4 pro bundles all marked down to $4 each.

Also, to anyone with DS using the Genesis 1/2/3 figures, don't hold your breath waiting for DAZ to put the same kind of pro bundles on deep discount. Because they give away the figures and the application, the required addons are too solid a revenue stream to relax.

For example, the Genesis analogue to V4/M4's Morphs++ packages are separated out into the head morphs package and the body morphs package, and they charge more for those than they did with Morphs++ despite having pretty much the same content.

for free genesis 2/3 morphs
> and by 'free' I mean stolen, not actual freebies

I can't wait for the day DS actually scans your libraries for content you never bought.
>All new Windows Store exclusive Daz 5.0!
plz no
>not blocking outgoing traffic from daz and daz content manager
yes because the mark of a true artist is how far they have to barricade their system from being caught pirating content

or you know

you could actually
> buy things
yeah or I could just not.

I don't see how piracy has anything to do with being a true artist.

It's better if you figure this out for yourself instead of someone spoonfeeding it you followed by the usual 4chan bickering.
or you could just get dietryings V4 morphs for genesis and genesis 2 off of sharecg.
so there is Daz post here ?

I love Daz

There are two reasons to own first-party morph packages for a figure:

1. Development of your own characters (but as you pointed out there are third-party alternatives).

2. Installation of other peoples' character packs which say in the documentation "requires DAZ morph packs." While a number of characters now have head morphs that are entirely Zbrush sculpts, their bodies will not as usually be individually sculpted.

It's the kind of thing most owners of DAZ figures should plan to invest in if they're not going to sculpt all their characters top to bottom from scratch in mesh editors.

> but there's this way I can get something without paying for it so why not do that instead

Look, you got the program and the figures for free already, either you can afford this hobby or you can't.
>> but there's this way I can get something without paying for it so why not do that instead

I have bought thousands of dollars worth of content from both daz and renderosity.

Die Tryings morphs are not Victorias morphs from Daz but morphs he created on his own. They were converted by Sickleyeild for Genesis 2.

Of course you would have known that because you checked them out before you replied. Right?

And sharecg is not a warez site but a repository of freebies.
Why does she have scaled skin?
y...you don't
>I have bought thousands of dollars worth of content from both daz and renderosity.
Same (and RuntimeDNA and 3DCommune and smaller vendors some of whom still exist).

>Die Tryings morphs are not Victorias morphs from Daz but morphs he created on his own. They were converted by Sickleyeild for Genesis 2.
I got that, my point was that the *other* anons ITT shouldn't misunderstand and get the idea DT's morphs are a substitute for having the original Genesis 2 morph packs.

>And sharecg is not a warez site but a repository of freebies.
Believe me, I know :^)
More /3/tards need to know SCG exists, esp. since most of the forum/store sites effectively said "fuck you" to hosting freebies and/or made it as difficult as possible to let people find them.

Meanwhile DAZ has ended OP's bundle sales for now, but they're doing a Genesis sale where the more shit you buy the bigger the discount at checkout:
Considering this includes most of Zeddicus' morph packs that's worth looking at.
Also, Gabi V5 for free:
>true artists don't pirate things
Pfft, lmao.

You're right.
True artists don't pirate things, they get -~"inspired"~- by things.
Which is the same fucking thing.

All artists steal. Get over yourself.
why the fuck only time I read comments about artistry on /3 it's always in DAZ threads?
>A shitload of DAZ comments and threads suddenly appear on /3/
>now it is literally a sales thread
Shill your shit somewhere else. DAZ isn't a real 3d program. If people actually want that crap they gonna pirate it.
Its a 3d program. It is not a modeling program.
You dont like it that people can fuck around with 3d and enjoy themselves.
But dont say that just because people work with 3rd person generated content that it isnt 3d.
Last time i checked there was content generated for a lot of autodesk products as well.
DAZ/Pozer needs it's own board :/ /PoZ or something ...
it has no connection to 3d CG whatsoever IMHO. it's a fucking 3d gimmick....
I'm new on 3 like 2-3 months and all I see is fucking DAZ shit... :/ it's nauseating

Don't like it? don't read it. It's on topic.
you can add primitives, move vertices, apply textures, animate and render. Sounds like a 3D app to me.
Now sure it's not as robust as the big ones but it qualifies for the HIGH standard that /3/ has held up.
Board needs more Rhino though.
I've been in this three dee since nineteen-ninety-nine laddy... poser fucks... all the way. Better get used to em.

Doesn't mean you're not right in everything you said tho.
File: SOE6Y.jpg (609 KB, 840x993)
609 KB
609 KB JPG
oh yeah? then why none of users do all of these things what you've said? only devs of Poser/Daz do those things in other softwares.
users only pose their barbies and buy them premade dresses, skins, textures etc...this is a fucking expensive dressing game and then some users are angry about other ones, when they admit that they pirated some dresses LOL
I'm not against pervy stuff and all, but IMHO this is not 3dCG

DaZ/Pozer is literally MLP of 3d

ty for understanding
fer fucks sake child.
just make 2 filters.
one that hides "daz" threads.
And one that hides "poser" threads.

doth protest too much.
>DaZ/Pozer is literally MLP of 3d
Poser & Daz are simply games at being a photographer.
I think you misunderstood me m8. I have no hate for any software.
Should we allow SFM discussion then by that logic?

With how slow /3/ is, it really wouldn't hurt. Like a previous poster said, just filter.
I'm that "angry" poster :D sry I was kinda dicking around, I really don't hate DAZ Poser that much in reality, when I've started out I was even using Daz models here and there not so long ago,

but I stand that it's MLP of 3d (I don't hate MLP :D ) + I did not knew that you can filter on 4chan D:
DAZ is the main tool all 3d porn makers use. its also great for basemeshes, anatomically correct models, properly rigged males/females ready for animation.

It's the most useful tool on the planet.
SFM discussion would actually be good for the board.

I'd rather have people give tips on how to make good renders / animations with pre-existing content for fun than the unskilled 3d noobs and wannabe concept artists posting their ugly WIP models over and over again.

DAZ fags may have not much clue about making things in 3d, but at least they aren't pretentious fags who still don't get that no matter if it's a white cat or a black cat, if it catches mice, it's a good cat.
agree 100 % SFM is welcome anytime
>SFM discussion would actually be good for the board.

I agree. It'd be nice to get an SFM general thread, with guides for newbies and people posting WIP stuff for critique, etc. Something like /agdg/ over on /vg/ would be really cool.
I understand why you're all saying this, but if this actually ends up happening you'll all probably regret this.
The SFM/maya/daz general died on /aco/ because of stupid fucking arguments over which program is superior. SFM users are generally bottom of the barrel retarded when it comes to acting like they know what's going on.
"Which program renders better animation" "Which program renders better stills".
Not which engine. Which program.
Stupid stupid fucking arguments.
I remember that general. At least I got red menace's SFM models out of it before the thread imploded into REEEEEEEEEEE- ARCHIVED
Well it doesn't matter anymore considering his stuff is public now, thanks to the cunt who leaked em.
I seem to recall that some of the older versions of Daz3D can be gotten for free (legit, not pirate).

I used to have v4 which I think I may have gotten that way somehow, but... can't remember where I put the disc, and the website is a little tough to wade through.

The Current versions of Daz Studio are free.
I had a lot of trouble navigating the Daz3d website because it's packed with animations that even my reasonably good computer feels overburdened trying to display... and Wikipedia no longer lists the versions and changes associated with it.

Any way I can get that stuff? Some hidden page on the website that is probably still there just obscured by the overdone graphics on the website? :3
What part of the "the current version of DAZ Studio is free" do you not understand?

Also, if your PC can't handle rendering a simple website then you might want to reconsider getting into 3D.

The current version is Daz 4.9

Just log onto Daz, create a user account and download the software. The serial number to activate it will be in your products menu.

Rocket science it is not.
I want to start doing 3D porn but I have some questions if you or anyone is willing to help a bro out..

Should I start with Daz Poser or SFM? I plan on doing both renders and animations.

I also want a system that enables me to customize the models at least a little bit so they won't look like stock figures. I also want to try different body types (like chubby, or bear/hunkish).

Also, it's a hobby thing with no commercial intentions.
Customize characters in DAz. Export to a proper 3D app for animation.
Thank you!

Thank you, sorta.

What part of my post did you not get?

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