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I'm looking for someone who is into UE4 to develop games and learn with me how to use tools to quickly develop content.

so far I've done a bunch of tutorials and figured out how blueprints relate to classes. and I built my own infinite runner with those skills.
When I programmed mobage in Japan our team had one guy developing the idea and 3 guys defining it and guiding the artists who some of were also level designers.

I say that because I know that people would just say I should do it myself, but I want someone who is also just starting out with UE4 (<2 years is OK, but more experienced people may get frustrated with me, idk) to develop some content that we can sell on the google play store or on steam. But I know that games are 10% ideas 20% the engine and 70% contents, so I think having a partner or three will help to develop a few fun simple games in a resonable timeframe or months not years.

so yeah, please reply with
where you're from
what your skills are
what you're interested in making with me
how you want to communicate.
if youre at all interested, especially if you're in australia.

anyone else, feel free to ask questions or just insult me, whatever, the usual.
>figured out how blueprints relate to classes
by this i mean classes as in programming, of course.
I mean to say that I now have an idea of how blueprints work in place and in compliment to actual C# code in ue4.

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