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So Arnold killed Mental Ray. Any thoughts on that /3/?
whats that ?
until it´s integrated into MAX as a faster, prettier render option, i won´t believe shit.
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Arnold has replaced Mental Ray in Maya 2017 as the standard renderer. I've never used it but apparently it going to become the next industry norm when it comes to Maya
>Arnold has replaced Mental Ray in Maya 2017 as the standard renderer.
by whom ? There are dozens of movies made with Mentalray and arnold is a cheap piece of shit nobody uses.
Who are you trying to fool LMAO
>by whom ?
Autodesk, you dumb fuck, who else?
Maya's default renderer is now Arnold.
File: 1458749278767.png (179 KB, 311x309)
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179 KB PNG
By Autodesk, you cunt. Note the words "Maya 2017"?
>cheap piece of shit nobody uses.
Yes, except Sony Pictures Animation, Psyop, Digic Pictures, The Mill, Glassworks, Psyop and Mikros Image to name a few.
But sure, you could probably render the CG in Gravity in half the time in Mental Ray with much superior result, right?
>blablabla some retarded names that nobody cares about

Mental Ray is used in :

TRON: Legacy
Spider-Man 3
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
The Hulk
The Day After Tomorrow
Fight Club

Please do let me know the amazing uses of arnold in the high budget film industry
Captain America
The Avengers
The amazing Spiderman
Men in Black 3
Star Trek Into Darkness
Pacific Rim
Guardians of the Galaxy
Oh and Mental Ray isn't dead. It just isn't the standard Autodesk renderer anymore.
You won't get licenses for cheap anymore.
Mental Ray is now in the same position as Vray, Octane, Redshift, Renderman, Thea, Indigo and Arnold.
If you want to really work with Arnold professionally you most likely will have to buy additional licenses. That makes them all quite equal in my eyes.
Notice how they're relatively older movies? Arnold is pretty much the defacto renderer in the movie industry nowadays, just check out their gallery.
my I 7 died and I'm stuck with intel q9550 and it can kinda do stuff.. but the big big shit I discovered yesterday :'(... I intalled maya 2017, gone through interface and new things and I'm very very pleased of what has changed and added !!! this is an awesome relese IMHO and big improvment, but as it happens arnold does not support my CPU :'( and there is only mental ray demo for 2017 and I know 0 mental ray (((
>Mental Ray is used in :
can you post motion pictures made in the last 60 months besides T:L, it would help your argument here
The people I know who render in it spend most of their time in chat talking about waiting for their perfect graphics card to come down in price enough that they could afford it.

This is my roundabout way of saying "I have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm just trying to fit in here."

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