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I'm currently in the process of creating a 1997-1999 Toyota Camry in 3Ds Max 2016 student edition. I would appreciate it if you could rate it on a scale of one to ten and also to tell me how I can improve on it (specifically how to get smooth surfaces). The model is intended to be ported over to the game garry's mod which runs on the 2004 Half Life 2 Valve source engine. This is my first time making a model.
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More angles
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doesn't have much depth to it/10
You're doing well. Keep doing projects and over time you will naturally get better and better.
>specifically how to get smooth surfaces

select offended edges
soften edge normal

Can't see the mesh, not bad for a first try. The top edge of the roof at the back/rear window area just doesn't look right at all.

It'd be ok for background/prop work.
I did now it just looks bumpy. Any more suggestions?
You've probably got too many polys in a small area, with some verts slightly out of line- recreate the surface with fewer polys. Can't see your wireframe but looking at those hard edges you've got waaay too many polys in areas that just don't require it.
turn off all of the viewport effects , ao gi, and select facet faces, turn off all your smoothing groups so you can actually see what the fuck is going on.
hey! that's my car too! mines black though
Man, this reminded me of the timw the animation studio I used to work with demanded that I deliver 1 vhicle variety complete with underbody up to 20 different kinds of vehicles in 2 weeks....They ALL ended up looking like utter shit.

On the other hand OP, they're pretty rough & jaggy, but you're well on your way, nothing a little bit of edge polish ing can't help. Jia you.

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