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yo /3/ im new to blender and want to know where i can i find the best begginers tutorial on blender
Any tutorials that cover the basics and the interface will do.
After that, you can watch beginner tutorials for pretty much any 3d modelling program, all the concepts still apply, you just press different buttons.
Tutor4u's videos on youtube (the quintessential cup you see everywhere) is by far the best tutorials.

Reason being you get introduced to a lot of features of Blender and you get to make something look good. At first you'll feel like "I just went through all that shit and I came out with an Owl but I still don't know how to draw an Owl" but in reality you DID learn and you'll find discussions / tutorials / /3/ posts that didn't make sense to you before are now making more sense.

Once you do all his shit, find a longer tutorial off cgpersia

Eventually you'll want to read broader more informative articles, rather than straight up tutorials, like Andrew Price or Gleb Alexandrov's stuff.

Gleb is the fucking god emperor of Blender, but if you jump straight into his shit you'll be really frustrated because you don't have the basics.

Also, all your renders will look like crap at first because

1) you don't know shit about lighting, and lighting is ESSENTIAL especially for reflective or metal-like surfaces
2) you don't know how to go make good looking Materials (blender's defaults suck) and you don't know how to configure the stock Materials to look good
3) you don't know how to setup Cycles to be fast and look good; by default it tries for ultra realism at the cost of time (high samples)
4) there are dumb quirks you need to learn about (this is true of EVERY software) to tweak things to look right
5) you don't know how anything about composition (making an appealing picture)
6) you don't know anything about the post production process known as Compositing, whereby you tweak and touch up the Render to give it that extra oomph (some purists will take their touch-ups and then tweak the Scene itself so that new Renders will look like the touched up version)

Basically, go into understanding that nothing you do will look good at first, you'll barely understand what's going on, and if you try to jump ahead you'll be disappointed, so go slow and steady.
I, too, am new to blender

My m3 button is broken so I can't move around or do anything. I looked up how to change keybinds and it shows people just opening the user preferences tab and whatever, but when I click that tab, it doesn't open? all it does is change the top bar to only say '' save user settings''
Pull it down? Seems to be broken. Also there is "Emulate 3 Button Mouse" , which changes the middle mouse to alt+left mouse
>Pull it down
From where? How?
>Emulate 3 Button Mouse
I'm assuming that's within the user preferences tab
here some beginner links I've saved

borncg is the best, all other beginner tutorials are not good enough

if you are already good with blender and want to get your hands dirty subscribe to blender cookie. they have hours of modeling and sculpting lessons.
or you can either pirate stuff.

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