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i'm a newfag to the 3d scene and a budding Blender user who has a problem. i was getting into a beginner blender video tutorial and all was fine and dandy until the person doing the tutorial got to the Transformation Manipulators section of Blender. I have come to find in particular that the Rotation Manipulator in particular is problematic for me. i can't constantly select it, when i try i have to do it like 8 times and let the red&white cursor ring appear all over it before i can select the damn thing. i have been doing this for half and hour and this seems like a problem that i should resolve before i get in to deep and get fucked over. so /3/, am i just stupid or do you have any solutions for me to fix this? Like a way to make the rotation manipulators bigger so that they are easier to select?
Press "R" instead.
fuck the rotation manipulator.
I use the 3d gizmo instead, and even then I'm just moving with "G".
thanks for the input anon, i seriously appreciate it

Click and drag
- on outer white circle to rotate around view axis
- on inner white circle for free rotation
- on red circle to rotate around X axis
- on blue circle to rotate around Z axis
- on green circle to rotate around Y axis

When pressing Ctrl while clicking and dragging: rotate in increments
When pressing Shift while clicking and dragging: precise rotation

You simply have to click near the circle lines.

But pressing 'R' is generally faster.

Fun tip:

After pressing R
- press Z, X or Y to rotate along that axis (twice for local axis)
- press Shift and Z, X or Y to exclude that axis from rotation (twice for local axis)

(this also works with G (movement) and S (scaling)
Also, pressing r twice activates rolling.

That was almost a completely unintentional barrel roll meme.
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> Ctrl + Alt + U

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