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File: abstract render.jpg (148 KB, 736x1041)
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I have to do a abstract architectural rendering for my architecture class. Can you give me some inspiration? Every Input is welcome!
File: UP-render_1000.jpg (351 KB, 1000x707)
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Looks like the image you posted is a collage / photoshop piece rather than an actual 3d render. Look for sources of inspiration in architectural drawings as many of the ideas can be translated into 3d renders. These sites have a good collection of drawings in different styles, some done by hand, others digitally.


When making these images you don't have to rely on one program / method to get your images. Compositing renders in photoshop can produce some really nice results from fairly basic renders. A common technique for complex perspective drawings is to model up the basic space in 3d, render out the massing and light, then draw over the top to add more detail and character. pic related. You can use these to set up some crazy multiple perspective point drawings with relative ease.

You can also output renders as line drawings in some programs and then bring them into programs like illustrator to work on the details. A good technique for producing clean looking images which can be blown up big, especially if you are not confident in your hand drawing skills.
How you make your image abstract is up to you, but i'd suggest that you should carefully consider your choice of perspective, field of view, usage of color, light, material and the models you are using. Even the most mundane house could become something otherworldly if you approach it in the right way.
Here you go https://vimeo.com/7809605
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Top post. All the advice you need.

t. Arch post-grad.
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