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Why do most industry professionals hate open source software? Even independent professionals. Why would they spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on software when in most cases you can get nearly the same with open source?

Of course I'm not talking about places with their own in house software.
I read that professionals need 24/7 technical support, which is missing in open source softwares
OSS isn't taught in school.
As someone who has been too poor to afford their adobe licence & forced to use GIMP, let me tell you straight up that there is a reason why everyone uses photoshop.

GIMP is for when you are poor, that's why I have it installed on my PC just in case. I've gotten good at GIMP, but holy shit is it fucking backwards. Fucking BACKWARDS; the amount of threads I've gone through to figure out how to do things, only to read...
>GIMP doesn't support X, but they've been really pushing for it for a while & hopefully it will be in a future build.
...is retarded.

I hate complaining because it's free; but it still is aids.

Also, I've been using Max for 7 years & I don't want to learn fucking Blender. Sorry, I've got better things to do with my time.

And lastly, sometimes those programs/plugins that cost $1000s are fucking worth it. Some of them are amazing & I wish I had the money for them so I don't have to do tacky work around shit to get a sub-optimal result.
On the contrary the industry is still starting to embrace OSS but only for specific tasks such as collada and allembic. Pixar has released their SubDivision surfaces and recently released USD and Hydra; Disney released pTex; ILM openEXR. all of these items have been made available in the hopes that the support can be offloaded from the studios and still be useful
The reason developers use open source software is because they know how to program.

And the reason other professions use closed source software is because they don't.

I'm not gonna waste time figuring out how some bug works in GIMP, when I can go to work and get paid to solve easier problems.

But if there's a bug in mongodb that I catch, that'll give me some clout with other devs.
Basically OSS made for anyone other than developers is generally going to be shittier than software you pay for.

As far as graphics go, there are a few companies that tend to dominate, and they throw a lot of effort into their products. I love GIMP, but I won't pretend that it's equal to Photoshop - there just aren't enough developers working on GIMP to compete. Krita, on the other hand, is open source and it's hard to beat; I doubt you'd find many in the industry that hate it.

Blender's situation is a bit more complicated. A lot of people just don't like using it. The Blender developers don't always focus on industry needs. There's not really a solid roadmap for features, and the direction can change on a whim. That doesn't suit the big or medium studios very well. Blender has better feature parity with the mainstream commercial 3D suites than GIMP does to Photoshop, but if you rely on certain commercial plugins that don't have equivalents for Blender, or you need functionality the devs aren't focusing on, you're not going to choose Blender.

Support is also a reason people choose commercial software, although it's a faulty one as you can buy support for most large open source apps. You've got a better chance of getting bugs fixed in open source software than in commercial software. The perception that open source has no support is pretty widespread, though.

Open source adoption is a lot wider in other areas, such as IT, software development, and high performance computing.

tl;dr Open source has its strengths and weaknesses. Graphics isn't an area it's particularly strong in.

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