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So I'm at my first job which I was initially told was a internship paid via "stipend". Now however I have taken a "one month contract" that my studio had offered at 16 an hour. So really I think they were initially after an intern, but got a higher workload and decided to hire a junior artist.

As it is getting close to the end of the first month, I asked if I could expect to work there longer, to which I got the reply, "yea you can expect to have work here for at least 5-6 months"

What I'm wondering is, should I try and negotiate a raise or is this pretty typical in terms of "paying your dues" in the industry? I'm basically a "jack of all trades 3D artist, who takes a lot of shit done by other artists and puts it together and does rigging and generally whatever needs to be done."

It's a really small studio, and they outsource work from India. So they really like to keep things quick and cheap as there work is generally not something that goes on public broadcast.

I'm glad to just have work for the next five months, so I can look elsewhere for a job in that time, but the pay is pretty, meh. I know people starting at larger studios for 30 an hour.

Any employed fags on here?
16 seems good for a start, like you said its not a big studio.

It would be nice if you gave some more info.

- 16 what? Dollar, euro, other?
- I assume the 16 per hour is gross. Do you know how much you have left after taxes? And how many hours per week do you work?
- where are you located? Which country? Which city?
>I'm a jack of all trades 3D artist


You already answered your own questions: Your pay is low because you're starting out and you're working for a shit studio, people working at better studios starting out get paid more (they had connections you didn't), and you should be using this time to learn whatever you can from the people who are better than you at the studio AND be looking for a new job at another studio

I wouldn't be surprised if they string you along after the 6 months but by then you should have found a better gig at a better studio by then
Lol i just posted a new thread along the same lines as OP. Only i've been worming at the same studio for 3 years now and I'm still only making $15 an hour. I guess i can give some insight here... yes, you are paying your dues and this is a fantastic time to milk the opportunity for all it's worth and learn as much as you possibly can, but don't be a dipshit like me and stick around forever. Work on your portfolio all the fucking time and blast your reel out and get the fuck out of there as soon as a better opportunity comes, whether better means more pay or the opportunity to work with more established artists.
16 rupees you retard

what is a 3D generalist for $500? you fucking plebeian
This. If you had just had better connections you could be making 30$ an hour too OP.

I know someone who sits at a fucking chair all day watching anime and cartoons as a guard dog making 23$ an hour. He got the job by being friends with the manager.
>>>know people starting at larger studios for 30 an hour.
nope, this is bullshit. Not starting. 15-20 usd is entry payment, 30 is mid-artist pay. Dont over-valuate yourself, it is not bad pay.
Work for 4-6 month, get better at what you do. NEVER LIMIT YOURSELF TO WHAT YOU DO IN JOB - most of the time you'll be doing boring shit that isn't even acceptable for portfolio - sorry, you need to spend some time on your own to get better - then switch companies.
Do you work in Hyrule?
I'm at my first CG job (in California) and my starting pay is 22/hr if that helps. But it's not extremely small, more mid-size. I'd just stay with the job for a while while improving and looking for somewhere where you're better paid.

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