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Do you guys know CATIA? My university is promoting it in many courses and claims that it is the standard CAD solution for any bigger companies for example for cars. However, the workflow seems to be pretty shit and kind of very hard to understand. What do you think? Is it worth it to learn or are there better CAD tools for the production? Also any general advices about CATIA?
from my understanding its not a regular CAD program

holy shit that is full of retard
Catia is pretty much the standard CAD software for any engineering/design-firm, especially in the automotive industry, but its a bitch to learn as there is not much in terms of tutorials online and Dassault doesn't offer trial licenses for Catia. I agree that the workflow is pretty shit and many tools in the different modules does the same thing with slight variation, but if you're looking to get in the automotive industry I suggest you learn the basics and get comfortable with the program.
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I think the fact alone that it is made by a company that makes pic-related makes it worth learning it.

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