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Macfag here. I recently started to work with Unity 3d because I had one semester of 3d modeling in university and it was so much fun. Anyway Im undecided about what program to use for my own assets.
The choice is between 3ds Max (still got my education license until 2019) or Blender. The main focus of my modelling will be buildings and their insides. Which is better?

>inb4 torrenting stuff
read the god damn sticky

id say its best to learn what you are going to be using in the long run.
so i guess try both see which one you like better.
Max will land you more potential jobs and looks better for hard surface once you learn how to spline model.

Speaking of buildings and their insides, does anyone have a tutorial on that? I can't model buildings for shit and I need to badly for my own project.
>Macfag here.
>3ds Max
Will you be fine running a VM? I'm also a Macfag using Max inside of Parallels, and would rather have a PC instead to run all my 3D shit natively, but this is what I was given to work with.
My stance is to use whatever software you're most comfortable with, and in my case that's Max, fits my workflow like a glove and by golly I'll jump through hoops if it means getting to use it.

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