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Earlier today in class I was able to save some UV Snapshots made in Maya 2016 as .psd files.

But now on my PC that file format isn't showing up as available in the drop-down menu when I try to save it.

I've been scouring Autodesk's website trying to figure out how to get that file format supported, I even installed the Maya 2016 Service Pack 6 but it still won't who up.

I also looked in the preferences>plugin manager and it's still not there.

How can I get my home PC to have the same save options?
>Goes to school
>Doesn't tell teachers about this
I'm an animator, so I reserve the right to say this
>>Goes to school
>>Doesn't tell teachers about this
>I'm an animator, so I reserve the right to say this

Well, I didn't notice it later that day and my next class isn't till Monday.

You're just a useless asshole without any relevant info.

Making gif's to fap to doesn't make you an animator.
If you think I use the cancer that is SFM, you've got another thing coming lil boy

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