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File: a.jpg (392 KB, 1080x1108)
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help plz! can anyone tell me how can i export a cylinder or a plane with double sided faces to use it in unity, i am getting half visible geo every time i import a plane or a cylinder in unity. i mainly use zbrush, so if there is an esay way to do it from there it would be superb, otherwise Maya,
I don't think that would have anything to do with the way an object is exported. That's more of a per-engine option, I would assume.

Maybe look inside of Unity to see if there's an option for 'double sided' or 'backface culled' objects.
thank you friend,after researching for a couple of hours, i believe the same , it must be renderer's issue/.
Result from the net regarding this issue in Unity.

>If you're referring to seeing the same texture on both sides you need to turn off backface culling by putting "Cull Off" in the subshader section. Whether or not its facing away is based on surface normals. If you aren't writing your own shader then try using the default under Nature -> Tree Soft Leaves.

Unity can't do double sided faces. At least it couldn't when I was in school.
File: asdsadasdassd.png (54 KB, 438x1078)
54 KB
unity cant render two sided faces, BUT you can export mesh two faced by duplicating the mesh and flipping the normals, so it will project the mesh both ways without having overlapping issues.
Says how to do it right there. >>529994

Literally just turn off backface culling in the subshader section. This is also how you get leaves on trees to render properly.
File: this-isnt-a-meme1.jpg (78 KB, 600x767)
78 KB
in unity us a double sided shader
theres a good c# shader script here
If using blender you can duplicate faces and then flip the normals, that's how you can texture the underside of leaves so they look different to the top. I imagine you can do the same in Zbrush.
you can use backface culling to make the mesh rendered both sides. but thats not a good idea. the proper way to solve this prolem is to make duplicated meshes. using backface culling can make your shader behave gay. Not showing lights properly, inverting the direction of shadows not receiven lights at all. it depends on the shader. Long story short you will need to know shaderlabs to make it work properly.
let me explain how to solve this; Lets say you have a plane. duplicate the plane rotate it 180 degrees and place it on the back of the clone. merge the vertices,make it a single mesh export to unity, profit.
File: Settings-Strumpy.jpg (99 KB, 301x461)
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>doubling the geometry and giving it unintentional thickness
>when all you have to do is turn off backface culling for the model's shader

Note to OP - never ask questions of 4chan again or you'll wind up getting told to do shit like this >>530535 moron.

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