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File: shading_mesh_problem.png (661 KB, 1224x2856)
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661 KB PNG
Hey guys. I'm working in Maya 2014, did this torso and arm separately and merged the two so that none of the vertexes overlapped. I'm still getting these weird shadows on my mesh and I don't know how to get rid of them or make the mesh look better, and I've tried soften edge as well. I've also got this problem down the chest of this guy as well.

Also, are there any good fixes for the mess of mesh that I managed to come up with on the armpit area? I couldn't find a good way to connect these two things on my own, I'm sure I'm missing something though.
I don't use Maya but a seam like that is indicative of there being an issue with how the shading is being interplolated across the mesh. In this case, it doesn't appear to actually be connected at the right vertices. I see you have a bunch of triangle faces there which are known to cause problems but I don't know if that's that's the issue. Is there a way for you to remove overlapping vertices with a button or command like you can in Blender?
Did you just attach the arm to the solid body as-is or did you leave holes on both parts and "weld" the holes together?
File: insidearm.png (237 KB, 1230x1320)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
Here's a shot of what it looks like from the inside. I don't (to my knowledge) have any faces inside this thing that are being unused, it's just outline at this point.

Every single vertice should be connected, and everything's merged into one shape, unless there's something I missed.
It's not the faces that you need to worry about. When joining vertices, are you getting rid of the overlapping ones?
File: whytho.png (161 KB, 1226x1562)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
The way I've been checking to see if verts are overlapping is by clicking once and dragging, and if it looks weird just ctrl + z and kind of going from there. Otherwise I'll just do the marque drag tool to select the area and do merge vertices. I'm not sure if there's a better way to check other than that.

He's a much simpler version of what I believe to be the same problem. I just extracted some of the problematic polys for this.
So Maya has no way to automatically find and remove overlaps?
File: fixedmaybe.png (591 KB, 1212x2900)
591 KB
591 KB PNG
I mean, you can just drag select all of the vertices and merge them through a menu option. Not sure what you mean besides that.

I think I figured this out. Somehow, the normals of the torso got flipped around, so even though they were all softened, it seems like the lighting was hitting at different angles. I figured this out by unchecking "use twosided lighting", selecting all the black faces, reversing the normals, then softening the edges.

At this point, I think I just need to get my topology better so it actually comes out looking better. Not sure if anything else needs to be fixed after that for improvement.
Cool. Glad you got it sorted.

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