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Are nvidia cards still considered as requirement status for Max and Maya?
CUDA is still king
yes. CUDA cores only work for CAD software, the future is GPU renderers.
nvidia is generally better for rendering and simulation.

amd have their own techs too,i usually don't render so it don't matter for me. worst case scenario ill render my stuff online
sentence structure is confusing. OpenCL is the alternative to CUDA and is not supported by most CAD software. CUDA is used for far more than CAD, however.
The GPU renderers I'm familiar with either run better on CUDA (VRay RT), or outright require it (Octane, FStorm).
I've been an AMD user for the longest time and after using Octane at work and using just GPU rendering in general I want to switch my home workstation's GPU for something Nvidia, but the problem is that I can't seem to find a card that I'd like.
I'm running to R9 390Xs and I just can't see a justifiable purchase yet, perhaps when the 1090Ti comes out or something I have a reason to buy one of those.
no reason to assume a 1090 will come out, let alone a 1090ti. Flagship models have been the x80 series or the titans for the past few years, with the titans being only marginally better than the x80tis. 1080 alone outperforms 390x crossfire for most applications. 1080 ti is going to decimate them.
I'll probably wait six more months and instead of just buying a new GPU I'll put together a new machine and salvage parts from my current workstation so I can have two machines at once, one with the 390s and one with a 1080/1080ti if it comes out.
Isn't that expensive tho?
That's what having a job is for? It's not like I have any expenses besides food and renting the room I live in...

I've been meaning to put together a spare machine for about two years now.
I upgraded from my old ass gtx 580 to my RX 480 and couldnt be happier
but theres like a 5 year difference there so it isnt the best switch to go off of
but I have had no problems with my max,maya,substance,UE4,Unity...

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