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Seriously, only answers i found were from 2014 and are jack shit in 2016's version.
Anyone knows?
>no muzzle break
its like you want to have an ear shatteringly loud gun
>plasma cannon
Well what the fuck is the point with the heat guard.
You don't fucking hold plasma cannons
You dont want the cannon to melt either
the heat guard, if anything, will heat it up more.
Guards are only there for rifles that get really hot where people hold them.
What he should have done was do some maxim gun shit, not an aesthetic heat guard

>not holding plasma cannons

You just use yours for decoration?

I've got one on top of my nightstand that always has a fusion core primed and ready. Some space marine comes after my daughters, he's going to regret it.

Maybe it's supposed to be mounted on a plane or something
I've got my conceal and plasma carry license just in case I'm in a movie theatre, and Alien tries to eat my wife.
>May 23, 2014

>This method also works in 2016 Fusion .
>It is necessary to enable the option in the lower right corner. --- "do not capture design histogram" --- after applying this option, the whole story will be destroyed - ok ?.
>And in the "modifiers" - there is a point of "mesh" - "Brep the mesh."

I don't understand what this means, but

nice canon what's it for
File: FN 16s fusion.jpg (153 KB, 1366x701)
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hi friend i use fusion360 for guns and stuff pic is work in progress of what i'm working on. i usually save the bodies as stl then import em to Zbrush. right click "plasma canon v3"<save as stl<take into zbrush or other software that can import stl files export object as obj afterwards. I retop it zbrush
make sure to dynamesh your HighPoly mesh if you plan to bake of the exported Geo from Fusion360. I hope this is helpfull sorry for bad grammar.
File: FN Scar 16 v45.png (533 KB, 1366x627)
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533 KB PNG
wooh! learn something new every day
But that still holds the question
why a heat guard?

Op is just shit at designing weapons

tis all
Thanks. I already also learned that i can import it as .obj from autodesk website directly, when checking view in library'
Hey that's my first one.
Aaaaand it's not even a real gun. Plus, it's supposed to fit '50s look.
I din't know that you could do that i'll have to check it out
OP here, i found out how to do thigs and i'm no longer a faggot.
Mods, you can close this excuse of a thread.

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