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So I've been trying to work my 2d sketching skills into 3d modeling, and I'm in over my fucking head. When I finally found an app that seemed perfect for my skillset (uMake), I found out that it's iPad only and I am not about to go buy an ipad to do what it is I want. Googling things such as 'draw 3d models' and '3d sketching' bring up the same product pages with no actual insight as to how to make the jump from 2d to 3d. I was wondering if /3/ had any sort of wisdom or insight as to the best track I should be following for drawing(via drawing tablet) a 3d model and learning from there.

From my own delving into the subject, CAD seems to be the keyword I'm looking for, but as I said, I'm in over my head, and haven't seen much in the way of clear answers from google.

To be clear, I want to use my DRAWING TABLET to draw the lines I want to exist as a model. This is where my skillset lies, and finding good tutorials on how to do this has been practically impossible with google shoving product pages in my face with every keyword set I try. So I come to the sages for advice
The closest thing I can think of is going into blender, switching to a side orthographic camera and manually making new vertices by holding down ctrl and clicking
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I'm not really sure what you want. People would usually draw something like pic related and move verts based on all the different views (you can also sculpt).


Maybe that video will help you understand. It's done in Blender but the techniques used are basic 3D modeling
Despite the notion that going from a 2D sketch to a 3D sketch should be simple and you'd think that this would already exist, there are very few solutions out there. Most CAD programs are are based on either creating from polygons, 'Solid Models' or NURBS curves and surfaces, and in a program like Z-Brush, sculpting.

There are good programs like Blender (which is free) but you are not really "sketching"-- instead you are placing points. If you are 'in over your head' already, then Blender may not be a great option because even though it is very powerful and also free, it has a relatively steep learning curve and is not totally straightforward.

From there you have applications like Moment of Inspiration 3D which is great and will let you sketch with a pen tablet, but all you are sketching is NURBS curves, and again it's not really 'sketching'. Rhino will let you do the similar things, and Rhino is very powerful but has a steeper learning curve. Both of these apps are $300 and $500 respectively.

Form there you have ZBrush which is very powerful and fun to use, but it is sculpting instead of sketching. You could download their 'free version' which is called Scupltris and see if you like the experience. ZBrush doesn't have free trials, but is reasonably priced at $800 for a lifetime license.

This brings me back to uMake. While it does run on an iPad and you have said you are not about to go get an iPad, the cost of the iPad Mini 2 is only $269 now and uMake is free to download and use for most of what you would do with it. Even if you upgraded to an iPad Pro 9.7" with Apple Pencil, you'd be right around the same price as a license for Rhino.

Plus, you could take the iPad anywhere with you and sketch anywhere-- you wouldn't be anchored to your laptop/ sketch tablet/ workstation.

My advice would be to ask a friend who has an iPad if they could download uMake and try it out, and go from there.
Hope that helps :)

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